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The Stargazers: The Stargazers Chapter 1 *a dreadful beginning*

by Starry Phantump

Starry Phantump here is chapter one of the stargazers
I'm really looking forward to this story and once again to get a look of what Core,Charm and the two other sisters look like just look at the art on my Kirby OC drawings any my request forum for Kirby OC art anyway see ya later
It was late at night and Core was relaxing by a fire and Charmy pointing out the constilations "big Dipper...little dipper...Apollo...Ursa major"Core rudely interrupted her stargazing "Charmy get to bed it's late" "but Core the sun just went down" "grrr just get to bed!!!"Core yells at Charmy for disobeying him "eeep"Charmy shouted at her brother as a tear started to fill her eyes "uh Charmy I... I'm sorry, I just have to look out for you ( Ishould be looking out for Sylvia and Sofia as well..where ever they are) and that means I have to make disicions even it you don't like it" (( this ( )means they think it )) Core calmed down after yelling at his sister and they both lie in a small tent to rest the night away

*later that night in a village not so far from Core and Charmy*

"is this the place" a stange person said quietly "yes, now hurry up and set the timer before someone sees us"another says"ok, it should go off around noon" one says tossing something into a fountain running away

*the next morning*

"aahh,good morning Core"Charmy mumbles rubbing her adorable green eyes, but to her suprise Core wasn't in the tent "Charmy I'm making breakfast!"he was outside with pancakes "huh!!!you made pancakes,how!!"Charmy shouts in awe,"easy, there's a village over there"Core points out as he pours a pancake onto a wooden plate and handed it to Charmy"now hurry up and eat there's some kids in the village and they need someone to play hide and seek and I hate that game so I told them you would play with them when you wake up"he says not giving a care "wait, Core why didn't you ask me if I wanted to"she replies "because I know you would say yes". "fair point" she says finishing her breakfast and heading to the village"Charmy be back before dark"Core shouts at her sister "hm so where are the kids he were talking about"uh..hello are you that angels sister"a small orange puff ball says to Charmy upon entering the village "well yes he told you wanted to play hide and seek"Charmy replied to the orange Kirby like creature "yep me and my friends"the little girl says with three more little kids like her showed up behind her "ok I'll be it ,ready,1...2..3..4.."the children run off to hide"28...29...30 ready or not here I come"she smiles happily running around serching for the children "are you in the alley ways...no,ooh,what about the playground......huh not here either, these kids must be good hiders,wait, I think I know where one is, in the fountain"she runs over to the fountain peeking inside not to find a hider but something strapped to a timer ticking 7...6...5...4..."wait is that,A BOMB"...1 *EXPLOSION* there was a loud crash and bang sound smoke covered everywhere with Charmy standing right in the middle of it with a small sphere shaped sheild around her protecting her partially from the blast....the smoke finally cleared,Charmy took down her barrier with some bruises and cuts on her,but what she saw was far more horrific.Buildings collapsed and on fire,rubble everywhere,and worst of all the bodies of the civilians lying in blood she saw the little orange girl with a sad expression on her face and blood covered her little pink eyes "CHARMY"Core comes running into the demolished village "Charmy are you okay,what happened"he said shocked,she replied with a tearful tone and the little orange girl in her arms"these people,these innocent people,why would someone kill like this"Core tried to comfort her the best he could"hey don't worry we'll get trough this-"he gets cut off by Charmy "get trough what these people are dead ,these children are dead!!!...Sylvia and Sofia are probably dead too"these words filled Core with anger "SYLVIA AND SOFIA AREN'T DEAD.........I know it there alive out there and we'll find them soon"he says trying to reassure her half way through the sentence.Charmy starts to cry as rain pours down on the village extinguishing the fire and washing the blood away "c'mon let's get out of here" Core quietly says to Charmy, however Charmy instead of listening to her brother she buried the girl in a flower bed out side of the village, they then grab there things and head on there way never looking back at this tramatizing event,as the leave off to search for their lost sisters,a small orange flower blooms from the girls grave,and a single tear dripping from Charmy's bruised face.
  1. Starry Phantump
    Starry Phantump
    well that was chapter 1 of my new series and it went from 0 to 100 in seconds I really enjoy this story so far and I think it has lots of potential and sorry to let anyone down I plan on this story being more dramatic and heart grabbing rather then fights but there will be done fights involving the characters,and one final question who do you think planted the bomb leave you answer in the comments

    P.S. any since I don't know what species Kirby is I'm just gonna call any Kirby just a kirby
    May 7, 2017