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The Sound of My Voice

by MuxicalMiyu

MuxicalMiyu (Not Pokemon related but in the future it will be)

A short mini comic without text .3.
If you don't understand, here's what happened in every panels :

Panel 1 : I covered my ears and closed my eyes
Panel 2 : I opened my eyes a little
Panel 3 : I uncovered my ears slowly while let out a small voice
Panel 4 : I opened my eyes fully and realized something
Panel 5 : I uncovered my ears more because I can hear my voice
Panel 6 : I inhaled while put my hands down
Panel 7 : I started to sing

Also I probably will make a story with this title because it 'sounds' good to be a project .3.

  1. Alex The Hydreigon
    Alex The Hydreigon
    This is so cute! I love how you explained each panel, and when I go back and look at the comic again, i can understand it so much better! You did a GREAT job! And I LOVE your art style!
    May 11, 2017