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Astrapi: The siblings

by Finch~

Astrapi siblings.png
Finch~ Yes! Astrapi has siblings! And they're all dicks to her!

Except Chrono, he's nice.

Mageia (Meaning Magic in Greek) is like the one who sits at the back of the class and shoots frozen peas via straw at you. She is also a smug, sassy twit.

Thalassa (meaning Sea in Greek) is an obsessed with himself sassy chip

Chrono (Meaning time in Greek) is a calm, gentle parentlike goof

Pyro (Meaning Fire in Greek) is a dick

And Gaia (Meaning Earth in Greek) is a tattletail

And they all hate Astrapi, (Except Chrono) who is the youngest (But also the tallest so riGHt BAcK at YA BucKArOO)
  1. Juxafufin

    I'm impressed! Keep up the good work!
    Sep 6, 2019
    qlovers and Astrapi like this.
  2. qlovers
    ooh! i love the colours on mageia, they're very sunset-y. the different facial expressions are cool too!!
    Sep 5, 2019
    Astrapi likes this.
  3. Finch~
    Despite what I wrote about her though, Mageia is actually a very complex and emotional character
    Sep 5, 2019
    qlovers and PrincessPika like this.