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The Tests: The Shadows Lurk

by _Umbreon_

_Umbreon_ #SummerCamp15

This is a story about a few Pokemon that are experimented on. This is not Graphic, but may be disturbing. veiwer discretion is advised.
The Umbreon growled loudly from the cage, as a pair of hands grabbed him. His growls slowly turned to a startled yelp as they gripped him roughly. Once he saw the destination, he whimpered.

The so called "Scientists" had set up a Illegal testing center, in the middle of the Ilex Forest, where the conducted a numerous amount of tortureous expirements, physical, and mental, on the inhabitants of the forest, and those that got taken , never left.

The Umbreon was thrown into a cage with a bunch of other cowering Eevee's, and Eeveelutions. One by one the were taken. After a little while there was only a few Eevee's, an Espeon, a Glaceon, and a Flareon, as well as himself.

The cage was very small, about the size of a Wardrobe, and it wasn't very wide so they were all crammed in there, stacked on top of each other.

When the scientists came back to grab the Espeon, she bit him. The Scientist yelled loudly in pain as he flipped over the cage by mistake setting the anxious Pokemon free!

The Umbreon, and the Flareon helped the others get away first, and the Flareon ran off after the Eevee's and the Glaceon.

The Umbreon, whose name was Dusk, had noticed he hadn't seen the Espeon, so he went back. He found her half caught under neath the cage. She was a little bigger than a Eevee, quite small for an Espeon. He quickly grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and sprinted off after the rest.

The double doors burst open and all of the pokemon came barreling out.

"Follow me!" Dusk said as he lead the pack of Eeveelutions, and Eevee's through the forest.

~Half an hour later~

The pack reached the Den exhausted, and worn. The Umbreon led them around the huge underground house, as he helped assign rooms and such. He all the bedrooms were full, and he had forgotten about the small Espeon

He let her take his bed, as he was content with the satisfaction of others. He curled up in one of the corners of the room, on a warm rug.

-To Be Continued-
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