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The Search for a Charizardite X part 1

by BLOO Muffin

BLOO Muffin A weird boy was wondering what mega stones were and he traveled with his big brother Tommy and they searched for a Charizardite X.
A young boy name Tommy was sleeping and his brother Benny tried to wake him up. He then said to their mom he is going to see proffeser Sycamore "Professer where are the starters?" wondered Benny "Sorry, but there is only one Pokèmon and it is Fennekin." Sycamore told Benny "We can get Fennekin is it okay?" asked Benny. The professer nodded and gave him the Fennekin "Want a nickname for it?" "No, I will let my brother decide." said Benny then he walked away with the fire Pokèmon and went home. He placed Fennekin on the table and Tommy went downstairs "Woah! A Fennekin I'll call you Flame." said Tommy in an amazed look. Benny blushed "What?" "I got that Fennekin for you." said Benny. Tommy ignored him and walked away with Flame's pokeball Benny got angry. Tommy went to Sycamore "This pokeball is broken." he lied so he can get a great ball "Okay, here is the great ball son." said Sycamore. Tommy grabbed and said thank you and then ran away to home. Flame was gone and Tommy searched everywhere "Flame where are you?!" he cried "Day-Care I took him to the day-care." said Benny "Are you crazy!" Tommy cried even more. Tommy ran to the day-care and looked everywhere "Do have Flame my Fennekin? I want him back." he said "Money." said the day-care lady. What will happen next? Find out on part 2!