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The Rush of Battle- [Possible Spoilers]

by Sciencewars

Sciencewars The Pokemon League from my character's perspective. The Pokemon displayed are my semi-competitive team.
Here SW was. At the top of Mount Lanikila, the doors to the newly-made Alolan Pokemon League. He had already conquered it, this was just for training purposes. His bright eyes were covered by his glasses as his hair, dyed as white as the crystalline precipitation around him, flowed in the wind.
The sliding doors opened in his approach as he glanced to the first door, the orange 'Fighting' symbol hovering over the entrance. He was going to defend his position as champion.
"Bewear! Brick Break!"

The massive creature rushed into Hala's final Pokemon head on. His arm turned a deep red as it swung into the Crabominable's rock-hard shell. Air rushed into his face as smoke filled the arena. The Bewear's soon surfaced as the arena cleared,revealing the the Crabrawler fainted on the floor, cracks underneath it.
Rocks spread across the field as a small, blue Pokemon dashed around another. Lycanroc, Olivia's last 'mon, clawed at the air attempting to reach the blue blur. Finally, the small Pokemon settled in front of SW, revealing a Minior. "Power Gem!" The command echoed in the rocky arena when four smaller gems beamed from the points on Minior. Light crackled from the gems and instantly struck the opposition, knocking it back and straight past Olivia, into the back wall of the arena.
Sand flowed around the arena as two untouchable forces sat opposite. The two Palossand were continually launching Shadow Balls and Earth Powers, with an occasional Giga Drain from Acerola. The other one, completely black, seemed to close its eyes and focus, drawing in energy. Before long, the ball filled half the arena. Just glancing at it seemed to give nightmares to anyone. Eventually, the energy shot towards the other, and collapsed into pure energy before imploding. Everything went white before it was revealed that the other Palossand was collapsed.
The two elegant creatures dashed around each other, exchanging blow for blow. The Araquinid had its limbs glowing a sky blue, a Liquidation attack. Kahili's Toucannon fired off Beak Blast attacks into the bug, only to be masterfully deflected. Using the wall of the arena as a lift, the Araquinid lept off with grace only to land on the beak of the opposition and unleashing a point-blank Liquidation.
The bird fell over ever-so-silent, giving Araquinid the victory.
Hau stood in front of the Champion, never yielding. Both combatants were down to one; the final Pokemon. Psychic energy seeped from SW's Metagross vs the darkest Incinaroar. This was an unfair matchup, yet still both Pokemon were at their last limbs. Two commands merged into one from both trainers, voices echoing.


The room shook as the crystalline walls humbled before such an attack. Gases and smoke flooded all the visions; determination seeping through. The air cleared as one Pokemon stood.

Incinaroar lied down, fainted; Metagross stood for 6 seconds before falling all the same. Yet, SW had won. His team had done well. He was still champion. He was the best in the Alola region.

He was here, and there was no going back.
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