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The Road To Pokken: The Road To Pokken: The Beginning

by Yoshizilla

Yoshizilla This beginning part in a 43 (or 49) part series of a boy named Rainbow (no pun intended) who travels every region *cue theme song* to be the very best! like no one ever was! Anyhow, just read the story.
ZZZZZZZZZZ! "Oh god! Not again!" ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! "Rainbow wake up you lazy bum!" "Huh? OH DER CHSUS! MTHER OF ALL GOD! IM LATE AGAIN!!!" "*sigh* When will he learn? :3"

"Gotta get to Gary's lab!" Rainbow said as he rushed down the road towards *cough* Gary's *cough* lab. "There it is! I'm getting freaking closer! Don't let this be like Puddle Mustarn and Ash Ketchum!" "You stupid Idiot! Your late!" said old Gary with his evil smile.

"And people wonder why you got married 29 times and got divorced every single one of them." mumbled Rainbow. "Don't get into my love life! demanded a Taco Bell thirsty Gary. Anyhow, here's your damn Pokémon! Take your female Ralts, and get out of my face. Besides, it's Happy hour at Taco Bell!"

"Jeeeesus Christ! He is so annoying. So, I got myself a future Gardevoir in my hands. let's see how this goes."

(Sorry for such short part! I will try to bring in a new part soon. Btw I know what ur thinking, But Yoshi! Ralts is third gen! But Yoshi! Who is Puddle Mustarn! But Yoshi! Who is Rainbow's rival! OK OK EVERYBODY CALM, THE HECK DOWN! This series is going to include every single region including my own (partly) made up region called Pokke. Puddle Mustarn is basically the opposite of Ash Ketchum. Ash is the after math of fire, and a puddle is the after math of a lake. Ketchup and Mustard. And Rainbow's rival? That's for you to decide!)