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The Road To Pokken: The Road To Pokken: Rocks and Rockets

by Yoshizilla

Yoshizilla Welcome back to part two of this (now) 105 part series
"So Ralts eh? Let's go to route 1 and see what you got, and maybe even catch you a new friend!"

"LETS BATTLEEEEEEEEE!" "Umm... who are you?" "I'm Youngster Jenny! My dad is Adultster Joey! Jenny stated proudly. "Go Ralts!!!" "Oh I see you! go Fletchling!" "Ralts, use Confusion!" "OH DER GOD! Fletchling, USE BRAVE BIRD!!!!!" The attack missed and Fletchling took recoil damage and fainted. "WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..."

"Well, that was easy!" Two hours Later of training... "OOOOOO!!! Look! A Purrlion! Ima catch it!" Another two hours later... "STAY. IN. TEH. FRIGGEN. BALLLLLLL!!!!" Purrlion was caught! "FINALLY GOOD LORD! Also, I'm so glad they cut down those woods, they were annoying. Of to Pewter city!" New party members: Ducklett. "Here we are, Pewter city gym! Hey Brock! I want a battle!" "U WOT M8? said Brock confidently. Ok, lets fight! *cue fireworks rocket* Oh! those are Team Rockets Fire Work Rockets! (Trademark). "OK! GUUUUUUUUU LINDA!" "Purrlion purr!" "GO WEIRD ROCK THINGY NAMED GEODUDE!!!!1111!!!" "Linda! use thief!" Geodude fainted. "What the heck! ONE. SHOTED. IMPOSSIBRUH!!!11!! GUUUUUUU ONIX!!! USE DICK SMACK! (a.k.a Iron Tail). "DOGE IT!!!" The attack was evaded. "OK NOW USEEEEEEE PURSUIT!!!!" Onix fainted. The winner is Rainbow! "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" "JIMMYYYYYY! IT'S ELEVEN O'CLOCK AT NIGHT AND YOUR YELLING! GET OFF UR GAMEBOY AND GO TO SLEEP!" "Ok mom, yeesh! yessssssss!" "Here's you damn badge, now leave!"

(I hope you all liked the second part! stay tuned for more and do remember to leave a like and follow!)