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The rising sun

by Maxlegend

Maxlegend Max begans his journey in Kanto region to become a champ at pokelantis kingship challenge.
Max is a calm boy opposite to his 6 year old fiery and excited brother. Yesterday was his birthday and he got many cool gifts an Xtranciever for instance. Tomorrow he will get his 1st pokemon . He has decided to travel to all regions.
"Bye, bro" said Max as he went to Prof. Oak's lab the next day . He met his rival, gary much to his annoyance.
"So, Max, you too,"began Gary"sorry but you have no need I am always ahead of you, sucking loser"
"We will soon know" replied calm Max.
Soon they reached prof. Oak's lab. Max felt as if he was being followed.He looked behind but there was nobody.
"So you have come" said prof. Oak with a cheering smile. "Well someone will be a fool if he misses this chance" thought Max
He showed us the desk with the pokeballs. "There are three pokemon which you can choose" he showed us the three pokemon ,first was a pokemon with a bulb on his back, second was a pokemon with a shell, third was a pokemon with a fire on his tail.
"The first one is Bulbasaur the grass type , the second is Squirtle the water type, the third is Charmander the fire pokemon"
"Well Max you can choose first, I am better than you are in any thing, and must show some class"
"Then I choose you, charmander" the pokemon jumped on me
"Fool, then I choose you Squirtle"
"Great choices said prof. Oak "now here is your own pokedex"
We took it and began our journey after the world Max knew.
Max walked through route one testing his skills when he heared a noise from behind.

Max looked back and found Toby his younger brother
"What! You could have killed yourself!
" But I wanted t...."
" No buts you will go unless Mom dosen't allows"
"OK" he said meekly
They reached Virdian city. There was an announcement in the Pokemon centre.
"Anuall Virdian forest pokemon hunting contest winner given a special pokemon'
Looks fun thought Max and entered the contest.
At the contest day he went into the forest with Toby as audience he was allowed to travel with Max.
Max searched and went deep into the forest and stumbled upon a pond. There was a group of Pikachu and Pichu.
Max released Blaze and a Pichu attacked him.
" Blaze use ember"
pichu dodged it and used Surf. It hit Blaze hard
"This was unexpected"
Blaze, go near and use scratch
pichu dodged it
"now, use ember"
It hit pichu with a ctr. hit and burned it
The burn reduced its health and Pichu fainted.
"Go Pokeball"Max shouted and threw pokeball.
The ball shook a little and pichu was caught.
"I nickname you sparky" Max said happily.
Max won and recived Growlithe
He decided to give it to Toby
"Yes, Toby"
  1. Maxlegend
    Everyone can leave Oc s for this fanfic. Bulbasaur will be given to a OC
    Mar 18, 2015