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The Rip In The Sky

by GalacticDeg

GalacticDeg @StellarWind Elsydeon
This is to get a Poipole for my character Edward Fox. Because of that, this might change a bit, to fit any holes I may have made, or any other mistakes.

Edward Fox is a skilled trainer, who has beaten all the gyms of his home region Kalos, and is currently in Alola for a holiday. News breaks out of a rip in the sky, and being like all the other trainers, attempts to head to Akala Island, the location to the hole.
'Hmm... what's on.... nothing but... wait what's that?'. Edward had just arrived to his apartment in Hau'Oli City, after a day out on his Alolan holiday, and on the TV, was the news. There was a breaking news report happening, in what looked like Heahea City, except with a rip in the sky, all the way over on Akala. Being the curious person he was, Edward had to make his way over to the location. After packing his backpack, again, he opened the door, and made his way over to the nearby marina, a ten minute walk.

The city was really busy, people, notably with powerful Pokemon, heading to the marina too. It was going to take too long with a queue being formed at the size it would be when finished, so Edward impatiently released his Gogoat, and pushed through the crew, and instead of going to the marina, he stormed up Route 2, to the Big Wave Beach. Not many had the same idea as Edward did, probably because of how... rough Mantine surfing is.

It wasn't long before he was now Mantine surfing, he'd took the last of the Pokemon. Now, the problem was dodging the things such as Tentacool and rocks. It was sure hard, with the reluctant Mantine that Edward was attempting to control. In-fact, it had spun around so much that the latter was getting really dizzy. Fed up of all the problems approaching Akala, that he just sent out his recent catch, a Tsareena... that was previously a Steenee, and previously before that, a Bounsweet. Mantine was definitely suffering from the weight on its back.

'Tsareena, may you please remove as many obstacles as you can?'. The Grass-type nodded and leapt off the Mantine, a relief for it. She was brutally kicking the Tentacool and Sharpedo out of the way with ease, and making the ride less bumpy, and now they were approaching Akala. Except, there wasn't anything in the sky anymore.

As Edward approached the beach, nobody was hoarded up anymore, and there was no rip in the sky. He walked up to a random person, someone who looked like they'd just come out of their work to see the sky. 'What happened here? Did it happen here? Am I too late?'.
'Uh, yeah, a rip appeared in the sky, it did happen in this city, and yeah, it vanished after a purple spark shot from the rip. In short, you're late but in the right town.'.
'Oh. Thanks.'.

As he headed back to the beach, he saw a group of labcoat-wearing people, outside a large building with a small car-park. He took a quick look in-front of the building, it was called the "Dimensional Research Lab". Though, he was soon told to back off as he got a bit too close to the scientists.


'Helioptile! Use Giga Impact'. The Pokemon owned to Edward leapt forwards up to the opposing Aggron, and was close to flying, covered in glowing light. It smashed at the Aggron, but wasn't very effective. Although it was pushed back, it didn't take much effort in grabbing the attacker's head, and chucking it a distance, before using an Iron Tail, commanded by its trainer, and causing the victim to the brutal attack to nearly faint.
'Helioptile, hang in there and use Parabolic Charge!'. Helioptile again, tried charging forwards, but instead curved around Aggron, and shocked it, but the shock bounced off it somehow, and smashed into the air. Something definitely was caught by the shock, and made a thud in the forest. Now though, that had distracted Edward and Helioptile had fainted.
'Good fight.'. The trainer walked off, after a handshake, and Edward instantly dashed off to where the thud happened. Before he could get much closer, he was swept off his knees, backwards, and he sent out Gogoat, who used Protect to block whatever came after. As Edward looked at his leg, it had a purple bruise. So did his other leg. He stood up with trouble, and spotted a strange creature in-front of him.

It had a massively oversized head, with two headphone-like things on the side of it, with white needles on top, and on top of the head, which was similar to a cone, a larger needle. The needles had holes in them, probably for firing poison from, as now it was evident it had fired poison at Edward. The Protect had poison sludge over it. The body was reptile-like, and the being was flying. It reminded Edward of the purple spark from the rip in the sky that the witness he talked to had seen.

It was repeating 'Poi' quite slurred and fast, and looked annoyed. It must have been the shock. 'No, I'm sorry...'. Obviously, it didn't understand him. It fired poison at Edward now the Protect was broken, and Edward closed his eyes for impact. But nothing hit. Gogoat had leapt forwards and smashed it backwards.
'Go! Go!'. Now it was frustrated and slashed Gogoat with its arm, and it smashed the Grass-Type opponent backwards. It was probably Poison Jab it used, which was super-effective to Gogoat. Edward had just barely dodged being squashed by his own partner Pokemon. He sent out Sandslash, and he was knocked back rather easily.

Now, he had no more Pokemon left, and he had only one option... try and make peace even more dangerously. Edward pulled a stick out of the ground, and tried to draw a smiley face. Even though the Pokemon didn't understand it much, it giggled. Edward laughed with it, and it looked happier. It tried to imitate the same, but using poison, and it was a very hard-to-understand-what-it-was picture, but Edward knew it was a smiley face. He tried to beckon it forwards, and it did it in curiosity. He tried to give it a playful scratch under the chin, and it shot back. Then it came back for more.. or that what Edward thought.

It flew onto Edward's head, and sat there.
'You like me now?'. It responded with a positive 'Poi!'. 'You really are confusing. Confusing with whether you like me or not. Confusing of what the he-'. The Pokemon looked at him, as if telling him not to use "hell.". Edward frowned. 'Confusing of what you are. We're gonna go back to my apartment, OK? Think of my next move.'.

As he headed out onto the road, from the opening in the trees to the left of the apartment, the Pokemon gazed at the sun. 'You like light or something? Or ha- yeah you hate it.'. It was looking pretty bothered by the light, so Edward broke into a jog, and made his way up to his room. People had stared at the thing on his head. He slammed his door shut, and sat the thing on his bed, as he approached it.
'So, you like art and comfy stuff, and don't like light. You can spray poison. You're also reminding me of the rip. 'I should keep you hidden....'. A smile cracked on his face. '..and you're a rare Pokemon that's probably undiscovered and oh my this is amazing.'. Finally, the effect of what this thing was struck Edward. Even though not much, Edward wasn't one to be excitable easy.


Days had passed, and Edward had mostly locked himself up in the apartment, wanting to keep the Pokemon hidden. Finally, a thought had come to his mind. He couldn't just stay in that room for the next who knows how long. The trips for shopping were becoming longer. Maybe that Dimensional Research Lab could help? If this really was the spark from the rip, they'd be best. Or what about that Professor Kukui? Friends with the Melemele Kahuna? Nah, the lab's probably more trained with this stuff.

In probably ten minutes, Edward was on the Mantine, after riding on Gogoat to Big Wave Beach, and once again, rocks and Tentacools were hitting at the Mantine, causing Edward to feel very sick. The Pokemon suddenly broke into action off of Edward's head, flew around, getting its sense back, and started spraying poison and slashing through rocks and it was much easier. Except, it wasn't exactly easier, so Edward sent out Tsareena again.
'Can you help with the rocks and stuff again?' Tsareena nodded and did a much more efficient job. Except, she was sort of dodging the other Pokemon that it was supposed to be helping. She kept taking glances at the Pokemon, as if it was thinking 'Who is that?'.

Eventually, again, Edward was in-front of the Dimensional Research Lab, and he entered. The receptionist stared at the Pokemon on his head, who was chattering to Gogoat, who was now out with Tsareena.
'Oh my! You must come up to Professor Burnet straight away! Come with me now, young man!'. She pretty much dragged him straight up through the elevator, so Tsareena and Gogoat had to run with him. The elevator didn't open as quick as the lady wanted, so she huffed, and ran up the stairs, dragging him up.
'Wai- no- plea- ah.'. He was standing literally a metre away from Burnet now, in the top floor.
'Professor! The Pokemon! He has it! On his head!'.
'Um, it's not on his head.'. Burnet was looking around.
'Yeah. You dragged me hard enough to make it fling off.'.
'Oh, stop being so rude, young man.'.
'You dragged me up here.'.
'STOP ARGUING!'. Burnet shouted out, and the two stopped. 'Ellie, go down, I think- no, just go down already!'.

"Ellie" made her way down, and eventually, the three other Pokemon of Edward's caught up, and Burnet looked at the Pokemon that was levitating, the possible purple spark.
'That's the Pokemon that came from the Ultra Wormhole, you know that, right?'. Burnet looked intrigued now.
'From the what now?'. Edward had never heard of an Ultra Wormhole before.
'Yeah. It's basically a portal to other worlds, we call it Ultra Space in short.'
'So this thing- Pokemon, is from another world?'.
'Yeah. Not easy to capture from a normal Pokemon.'.
'How can I capture it then?'.
'From high tech. I can get you one, but you'll have to pay quite a bit. It's recent tech.'.
'I can do that.'.
'Cool. I'll have it in a few days.'.


Now it was a month later. Edward had spent a lot on the "Beast Ball" as it was called. The Poke-Ball to capture an Ultra Beast. Unfortunately though, he'd had to go back to Dendemille Town in Kalos, and that meant a much more tricky way to get it to himself, as the Aether Foundation, the inventors of such a Poke-Ball, didn't work in Kalos. Edward was starting to doubt the capture of Poipole would happen. That was the name of the Pokemon, according to Wicke, who worked in a high position of the Aether Foundation.

'Ugh... are we going to actually capture Poipole, Gogoat?'. Gogoat sighed, he seemed to understand the situation. He put his head on Edward's lap, and the latter turned around, to see Poipole flying around the bedroom. Currently, he was sitting on the balcony. And now was when he saw a large Toucannon, firing straight at his house. He panicked, and closed his eyes for impact, but didn't feel anything.

There was a box attached to the Toucannon's waist, which was perched on the balcony. He took it out, and Toucannon launched off, back in the direction it came from.
'That happened, huh?'.
He pulled the packet apart, and stared at the box. There was a blue net-patterned Poke-Ball, with two yellow rings around it. Pulling it up, he shouted for Poipole.
'Hey, Poipole! You finally got a place to live in.'. Poipole looked curious. Edward had been alerted of another capture, a time ago, where the same Ultra Beast was caught by an 11-year-old. It had to be curious to get in the Beast Ball, and therefore, Edward had come up with an idea for it.

He showed Poipole the Beast Ball, and it looked at Edward. He started pressing it repeatedly, trying to get Poipole wanting to do the same. It actually started laughing, and slapped it. The Beast Ball vibrated, and fell on the floor, and landed. It shaked once.
It shaked twice.
It shaked three times. It clicked. Poipole came out, and Gogoat hugged him with his horns. The former attempted to hug his head, but it was too big to get his small arms around.
'I caught it.... oh my..... I have a special Pokemon... and a full team now...... ahahaah.... geez.'.
Edward had fainted, and then Poipole sat on his head. Edward had just caught a Pokemon, and for his reactions, that was a large reaction to a large moment.
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  1. Leeon
    This is a REALLY good story! You write so easy to understand. And I can see the scene of every word. You go man! Great stuff!
    Jan 13, 2019
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