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The Rift: The Rift [Creepypasta Part 1]

by PkmnTrainerMike

PkmnTrainerMike Young champion Leroy has just become... well, champion. He decides to head to Viridian city, his hometown. But this reunion is going to be cut short, very short.
As the new champion, Leroy decided to head to his hometown of Viridian City. He parked his bike at the entrance to his house and walked in. "Mom, are you home?" "Dad, you here?", no answer. He flipped on the lights and lots of people jumped out. "SUPRISE!" they all screamed. Leroy's mom, dad, older sister, aunt, and uncle jumped out from behind some furniture. They led him to the PokeMart where the store cleark, Nurse Joy, and his best friend Michael were waiting.

Everyone was there, eating cake and having a good time. A small TV was set up on the table. He started flipping through channels until he landed on the news channel. "A strange disturbance at Cinibar Island." said the news anchor. "We have our Pokémon trainer turned reporter at the scene, Amanda?" "Thanks Tom, I'm here live at Cinibar Island where there seems to be a strange disturbance by the island." "From what information I have gathered it appears that there is a rift in space-time here and it grows larger with ea--- What e&%#$ RUN AMAN------------

"Amanda are you with us?" Tom said. "Well it looks like we have some technical difficulties and we will get back to her as soon as we can." Leroy turned off the TV in shock. He walked away from the table and sent out his Charizard. "Leroy, you aren't going to do what I think you will, right?" his mother said. "Leroy didn't respond at all. He told Charizard to use Fly, and he went off to Cinibar Island.