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Return of Team Rocket: The Return of Team Rocket: Chapter Six (The Final Test Part Two)

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp All seems lost for Aidan and Angel. Their Pokemon are trapped, and about to be beaten. Can Aidan and Angel turn this around? Or will it be the end of the road for them? Battles will be won, new friendships will be made, and a new secret, will be revealed.
“Now is our chance!” Seb shouted “Use Rage!”
Both of Beedrill’s stingers turned a menacing red, and Beedrill charged towards the two Eevee, ready to deliver the finishing blow.
“NO!” shouted Angel as she ran in between Beedrill and Eevee, shielding them from the blow. Just Beedrill’s stinger began to plunge into Angel’s chest, a cord of string wrapped around Beedrill’s arm and pulled it back. Aidan turned to see the cord of string hanging from Butterfree’s mouth.
“Apologies Sir” Seer said “But I wasn't about to let her get impaled”
“Of course” said the Rocket Leader “It would be a shame to lose such a skilled operative”
“Now it is time to finish this!” said Seb “Once and for all! Rage again!”
For a moment, time seemed to slow down of Aidan. He watched as the semi-conscious Angel hit the wall, a tiny stream of blood trickling down her chest. As Beedrill got closer and closer to Eevee. And then as Eevee began to glow with a magnificent white light. And then, the most amazing thing happened. The light expanded, and exploded in a ring of power, a shockwave which pushed both Beedrill and Butterfree to the wall, and forced everyone to take two steps back, shielding their eyes. When the light passed, the string was gone, on the ground in pieces, and in the place of Angel’s Eevee, was a Sylveon.
“Amazing” whispered the Rocket Leader “A mid-battle evolution, powered by Angel’s love for Eevee”
“What!?” screamed Sebastian “Is the meaning of this?!”
“There are two conditions for Eevee’s transformation into Sylveon” David explained “The knowledge of a fairy type move, and the love of its trainer. Both of which have been fulfilled”
Sylveon began to glow with a radiant pink light. A beam of light from the heavens blasted through the ceiling and into her. Sylveon began to glow brighter, her eyes glowing pure white, her ribbons and tail flapping in the mighty wind she produced, and rose high into the air. Sylveon screamed and a massive beam of light flew from her into Beedrill, going through and around him, before hitting Butterfree too. “No!” shouted Sebastian “This isn’t possible!” the light cleared and Sylveon fell back down to the earth. The light turned back to dark, and she landed in a smoking heap. Meanwhile, Beedrill and Butterfree were both slammed through the wall, flying out into the outside world, before landing in a heap. Smoke was coming off of them, and parts of their body were charred black by the blast. The arena itself was completely destroyed, the massive rocks were reduced to rubble, and the massive Oasis was just an empty hole. There was a giant line in the sand, reaching from Sylveon to the wall, and a massive crater where Sylveon used her move, and where she now lay. The sand in the battlefield had been kicked up so high, that it was all over the spectators.

“Insolent Fools!” the Female Admin shouted “I will kill you all”
“Through what sorcery could a Pokemon know a move which is meant to be learned more than twenty higher than what it actually is?” continued the Male one.
“Silence” The Rocket Leader said “What we have witnessed here is an act of true sacrifice and love. Angel could have died saving that Sylveon, and she returned the favour. This act is something not many could accomplish.”
“Yes sir!” said the Admins “Of course sir!”
The Rocket Leader walked down to the Arena and said to Aidan “Follow me, we need to talk”
Once the Leader was a good distance away from the Arena, he began to speak. “Do not mind my Admins” he said “They say that they are completely loyal, yet behind my back they plot me death, and only keep me alive for their own goals. What they don't know is that I control them all”
“Sir? You can’t be serious!” Aidan said “Even David?”
“Even David” The Leader sighed “He is the most loyal, and would only do it to help the team, but I took a look into his room, and sure enough there was a folder on his laptop titled
“How to deal with the other Rocket Leaders.” It was hidden inside a group of harmless experiments but had many documents holding A complete record of all of Team Rocket, including Pokemon, Strategies and Step-To-Step guides on how to beat them. I took the time to steal a couple and I was impressed.”
“So why haven’t you fired him?” Aidan asked “Surely it would be better for you”
“Of course it would” The Leader said “But David, as I said, is the most loyal, perhaps in my entire organisation, his replacement would be far worse”
“So what did you ask me here for?” Aidan asked “Not just to tell me this right?”
“You are a smart one Aidan Rohe” The Leader said “I am here because, from my tests, I have seen that you are a clever, brave and strong willed boy. Normally a new recruit gets put on Basic Robbery Duty or Guard Duty for their first year or so, but you are special. I am creating a small group of Rockets to perform tasks which the higher-ups just don't have time for, and a regular recruit could never achieve.”
“Thank you sir” said Aidan “But who else would be in the group”
“It will be you and Angel.” The leader explained “As well as Sebastian and your good friend, Agent Seer”
“You know!?” asked Aidan “Then why haven’t you done anything about it”
“I see everything” the Leader said “If I tried chasing after every single spy in Team Rocket, we would be a week behind schedule. Likewise we have spies in the International Police, it is a necessary evil.”
“Ok…” said Aidan “then why add Seb and… Seer into this if we are rivals?”
“A bit of competition is always good” said the Leader “It gives you a goal, it keeps you going, and as seen in your last battle, can help you grow.”

The Leader then brought Aidan back to the arena. In the middle, Angel was hugging Sylveon, while David and Seer were trying to stop Seb from killing her. “Walk in between them” The Leader said “And stop them from moving”
Aidan walked into the group. “Aidan! I heard what happened!” Angel said “This is so amazing isn’t it!”
“I know!” Aidan said “And in a moment, an even bigger surprise is in store for us”
“What?” asked Angel “So many things have already happened today”
The ground began to rumble and a massive podium rose from the ground.
“What is this?” asked David “I was never told of this”
“Today” the Rocket Leader said “You will no longer be mere recruits, you will be Agents of Team Rocket, an elite force dedicated to doing what a normal grunt cannot. You have been chosen for your potential in specific fields helpful to us. Aidan, you have displayed bravery, and a strong-will, as well as a good sense of right and wrong. Angel, you have shown that you have a big heart, and a true sense of friendship and love which many, especially in this line of work, do not have. Sebastian, you have a stubborn mind and the battling skill to match, your skills as a trainer exceed most. And Will, you possess great skill as a spy, able to infiltrate the ranks without even David himself knowing that you are in fact, Agent Seer.”
Agent Seer’s face when completely white and he began to bolt for the door, but it locked itself. “Don't worry” The Rocket Leader said “I won’t hurt you or anything, after all, a good spy is hard to come by”
“I will never work for you!” Seer said
“Not even will your family on the line?” The Leader said “That jailbreak of yours was the last straw, your manipulation of two of our Grunts into helping you was unbelievable, and the fact that you managed to do all that without getting caught”
“No! Please, I can give you anything, just don't hurt my family” Shouted Seer, who was now in tears
“You misunderstand” The Leader said “I applaud you for that, that was what decided between whether you would be more useful to me Alive, but controlled, or Dead”
The Leader then turned to David. “As for you, on your laptop, in your folder you affectionately labelled “How to deal with the other Rocket Leaders.” I have attached a file with a group of tasks for you to have our little group here complete"
David’s face went red “Of course sir”
“Have a rest now” The Leader said “Your next task will be tomorrow at noon”