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The Raven: Life in the Dark

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Yes, I am back with making stories again ^^ )

When a girl finds a strange looking raven, she follows it to a gaping hole...
Finding a strange new world she had never known about, she now wants to leave when she learns it's history. Trapped in the strange place, will the girl ever find her way out?
A girl lay on her bed, exhausted, and over her blanket, which was bright blue and striped with black and white. "What am I gonna do?" She sighed. "Everyone judges me without reason...just because I like strange mythical creatures..." It was true, what she said, others had judged her badly for her opinions. She often wanted to get away from the world.
"Holly!" A voice called. "Mom's home!"
"Okay, be down in a second.." Holly replied to the voice which belonged to her brother, Jason. She got up and out of bed, smoothed her short brown hair back, and rushed down the stairs. Just then a woman walked in through the front door.
"Mom!" She yelled, and ran up and hugged the woman who had long black hair and brown eyes.
"Holly, my dear!" She responded happily. Jason joined the hugging as well and soon, the three broke apart.
"What'cha got in the bag?" Jason asked excitedly.
Holly held back a giggle. Her brother had always wondered what his mother brought home.
"Oh, just some school supplies!"
"What?" Jason whined. "But..."
"Well, Jason, get over it. School's startin' soon for the both of us." Holly sighed. "I'll see you guys later!"
"Where're you going?" Jason asked.
"None of your business." Holly responded.
"Mom!" Jason whined. "Holly won't tell me where she's goin'!"
"Holly, just tell him where you are going." Her mother sighed.
"Fine. I'm just gonna head to the forest." Holly confessed. "I wanna take a little nature walk."
"Be back by 6:30 PM!" Her mother called. Holly nodded.
"Okay!" Holly replied before heading out the door. She looked at her watch. 3:00 PM. She thought. I have exactly three hours! She began to head down a path towards the forest. She saw a strange dead tree with a raven on it.
"Huh?" She wondered. It had dark purple eyes that seemed to glow and follow her everywhere. It cawed and flew into the forest. "Hey! Wait for me!" She said before chasing after the black bird.
As she followed it, she came across a massive opening in the ground and there was a tree on the other side where the bird sat.
"H-hey! I can't get over there!" She yelped. Soon, the bird cawed again and flew at her. It flew in a frenzy around her, the girl swatting at it.
"What're you doing?" She hissed. Soon, she backed up and felt the earth crumble beneath her...
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