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"The Raging Champion Battle"

by SwiftNinetalez

SwiftNinetalez Elliot must face the new champion of Hoenn, Wallace.

I remember Steven, the old champion of Hoenn. He used to have steel types that would destroy anyone who dares to battle him. Until, Wallace steps up out of nowhere and defeated him. I was shocked, I couldn't believe Wallace would beat Steven!

Well, He did use a Milotic on his Metagross to win.

But now is my chance to become the new champion of Hoenn, I already defeated the Elite Four, Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake.

This is where my journey comes to an end, if I lose this final battle against Wallace.

I must win I replied, I must do it for everyone back at Littleroot Town!

My rival gave up his journey after getting all 8 badges, He said that he couldn't take it anymore.

I will do it for him as well, and all the gym leaders too..

My name is Elliot..

And I will climb up these stairs, on Live TV, and face the one and only WALLACE!

~ Elliot walks up the staircase ~

I said softly, O my god, I can't believe I made it this far..

Wallace notices me and says, Why Hello!

I said in a brave tone, Hello Wallace.

He replied back, So you made this far? are you nervous at all?

I thought in my mind, Yes I was, but I can't tell him that, I want to act strong and natural up against him.

I said back, Nope! I'm ready for you to be beat!

He replied, Heh, I'm not going easy on you!

~ Battle starts ~

I sent out my Sceptile, He used Leaf Blade a few times to take out Wailord, I was surprised that he didn't use a Full Restore.

Next he sent out a Ludicolo, So I switched Swellow with Sceptile.

Swellow! use Aerial Ace I said outloud.

He hurt Ludicolo a little bit, but It was okay since I had the adventage.

Wallace told Ludicolo to use Giga Drain for no reason.

I switched Swellow with Magcargo..

Then I realized that Ludicolo was part water! DARN IT..

Wallace said, Haha! what do we have here?

He commanded Ludicolo to use Hydro Pump which knocked out Magcargo.

I said, Darn.. Good job Magcargo..

Then, I sent out Swellow again, which was my least good idea for now.

My Swellow was faster, so it went first with Wing attack.

Ludicolo was on half health now, so It used Giga Drain.

I said, Really? Swellow is a flying type..

Wallace said nothing, but commanded Ludicolo to guard whatever attack I was going to use next.

I said, Swellow! Use Brave Bird!

It was a risky move, and it worked!

Ludicolo fainted.

Wallace said, My my! I have only 2 pokemon left..

Wallace then sends out his Gyarados which was a powerful water type.

I gasped, What the..?

Wallace replied, Yes I know, I was shocked when my father gave it to me.

He commands Gyarados to use Hydro Pump.

And just like that, My Swellow faints.

I yelled, No Swellow! you did great..

Wallace saids, So.. Who is your next Pokémon?

I say nothing, and I then sent out my Manectric.

I yelled, Use Thunderbolt!

It was Super Effective, It hurt Gyarados a lot.

Wallace then commands Gyarados to use Ice Beam.

Manectric is on half health now, So I used Thunder which fainted the Gyarados.

Wallace said, Wow! I underestimated you.. But this is my ace Pokémon!

He then sends out Milotic, his strongest Pokémon.

I yelled, Manectric! Don't let the Milotic scare you!

He commanded Milotic to use Ice Beam.

Manectric dodged it luckily.

But, Milotic then uses Hydro Pump which makes Manectric faint.

I have only Sceptile now, which leads me at a good and bad situation.

I looked at Sceptile's Pokeball. I tore up inside, I really needed this victory.

I yelled with all my might, GOOOO SCEPTILE!

Sceptile made a powerful growl.

Wallace replied, Ooh! this is going to be intense.

I said to Sceptile, Use Leaf Storm!

Milotic blocked it with Blizzard.

Then Wallace used Ice Beam, and Sceptile was hit.

Sceptle had very low half health, almost near the red area.

I yelled, Cmon Sceptile! you can do this.

He got back up on his feet from the Ice Beam.

I said, Use Leaf Blade from above!

He did what I said and hurt Milotic a lot.

Milotic then used Hydro Pump and missed.

I said, Yes! This is my chance.

I told Sceptile to use Giga Drain, which healed his HP up a lot.

Milotic was on red health which was good for me.

Finally the moment, I finished off Milotic with a Leaf Storm.

Wallace dropped down to his knees, No! How can this happen?


Wallace gave in, Good job Elliot, you are the new champion of hoenn.

I replied, Thanks! I will go register at the Hall of Fame now.

And that was the day where I became the champion of hoenn.

Two years later, My reign as Champion was over.

A teenager by the name of Tobias with a Darkrai defeated all of my Pokémon, he also had a Latios.


  1. NocturnalNetwork
    He had a Latios >3<
    Sep 23, 2014