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The Adventures of Sir Sceptile: The PURRfect Trio

by Red_The_Champion

"A series of heists have been pulled over in Nacrene City in the Unova region by the evil trio dubbed: The Furious Felines. These "cat burglars" have taken a step up and are even attacking anyone that gets in their way, yet, no one can see them in action! What kind of force are we dealing with here, and is there anyone that can actually---"

Kyle turned off the TV and grunted. Of course there was someone that could stop these crimes! There was no one better than himself! But to get there, he would need the help of an acquaintance.


"So, you want ME to help YOU catch those cat burglars in Unova?" said the Aerial Swellow. "Don't you have something better to do?"

The Sir rolled his eyes. "No, and these cat burglars aren't just burglars: if we don't stop them now during the time they're planning their next heist, we could stop them before they do anything serious!"

"All right," said the Aerial Swellow. She hopped into her jet with the Sir, who couldn't help but wonder who the Aerial REALLY was. But not now: there were more important matters at hand.


In Nacrene City, they snuck through the buildings as fast as they could to find the culprits. There was nothing to be found, until........ a Purrloin was spotted. The Sir pointed to Aerial, who sprinted after it. "Well, don't wait for me!" murmured the Sir as he followed.

They reached an abandoned warehouse, where they silently shimmied up the drainpipe and looked through a window. There they were: the three cat burglars. By each of them were a Liepard, Purugly, and a Persian. The trio stood over a set of blueprints to some sort of building.

The Sir and Aerial dropped from the sky and into the building, but were suddenly caught in a net. The burglars looked at them and grinned. "Looks like the mice have fallen into the trap. Now that we have you out of the way, let's run!"

Before they could escape, both heroes sent out their Sceptile and Swellow. Sceptile used Leaf Storm, and Swellow used Hurricane, but all three cat Pokemon dodged and used Dark Pulse! Sceptile and Swellow were knocked back, but Swellow used Aerial Ace on Leopard to retaliate. Liepard hopped up and landed on its back and used Crunch. Sceptile came to the rescue by using Leaf Blade, but Purrloin and Persian blocked it with Shadow Claw and sent it tumbling to the ground next to Swellow.

When the burglars went back to check on the heroes, they found that there was a hole in the net! From above, Aerial used her gliders to swoop down, and deployed her Gust gadget to blow back the Furious Felines. The Sir used his new Trop Boot by stomping the ground near the burglars and causing vines to grow around them. But they would not give up easily: the trio used their blades to cut through the vines and hurled them at the Sir, who dodged them by a hair. The trio sped at the heroes with incredible speed, but they were stopped by a trap set up by the heroes! A cage landed on top of them so fast that even they could not escape!

Meanwhile, Swellow and Sceptile got back up and used Frenzy Plant and Hyper Beam on the cat Pokemon, taking them by surprise. They were knocked into the air, and the two heroic Pokemon used Quick Attack to tie the Pokemon up!

"Looks like this is over for you!" said the Sir. "Justice... has been served!"

The Aerial rolled her eyes. "Do you have to be so corny?"

Before he could answer the question, the cat burglars broke out of the cage and tried to run through the door, but were shocked by the laser trap set for them. Just on time, the police arrived and arrested the cat burglars, and when they tried to look for the two heroes, they were nowhere in sight, for they had already taken the Swellow Jet to Hoenn.