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The Pokemon War - What Actually Happened

by Vaporeonn

Vaporeonn I wanted to post a Written Work on 'Charms for a while now, and I said ''Whynaut''.
Basically, this is my 'version' of the Pokemon War ( if you know it <.>)
And sorry if I got some grammar wrong, just tell me and I'll fix it :)!
Thursday, May 27 1990, Lavender Town

Lavender Town was known as the most peacful part of Kanto. Untill now..

The soldiers made a special grave, only for Pokemon, right here so they can Rest in Peace. It was a simple pach of ground, with only 25-30 graves of Pokemon, Yet, the soldiers feeled like they lost a hundred. Allot of lost lives were lying right there..

A blonde man was approaching the grave with a shovel and two Pokemon. One of wich was nearly dead. It was an elder Electabuzz, who took every breath as his last one. The man looked at the Elecatbuzz, teared eyes. The Electabuzz barely smiled, and nodded. It was too sad, but knew what was comming. He knew that it had to come once, sooner or later. For him, it came sooner..
The man started digging, but he was stopping every once in a while, to look ast the Electabuzz. But he wasn't noticing the man. Once the hole was big enough, they waited.

The Electabuzz then took a deep breath, and it looked like he was letting go of everything. He felt like he was finally - free.
"May Mew be with you," the man whispered and closed Electabuzz's eyes. He then placed him in the hole gently.
' Volt, Rest in Peace' the man wrote on a stone, and placed it on the grave. He, and a Raichu, looked together at the grave.

" Lt. Surge! Lt. Surge!", someone called.

" What is it?!", Surge asked. He could sence fear from the man's voice. He never liked fear. Yet, he was surrounded by it every day.

" We have no more food with us,", the man said. " Some soldiers are going to die , if we don't get supplies soon."

" There are some ponds near. Just fish for some Magikarps," Surge said. " Thanks for informing me, Ketchum."

" No problem, Lt. Surge. I'll inform the others," he said. Surge stared at the grave. He couldn't believe Volt was gone.

" What do we do now?" Raichu asked.

" We wait, Electra. We wait.." Surge answered, as they were heading to Celadon.

Sarurday, May 29 1990, Celadon City.

The army was hiding underneath the Game Corner. They made a secret passage in case of emergency.

" So, Ketchum, Do you have plans after the war?" someone asked.

" No. I'll go back to Pallet to stay with mu wife and son. How about you, Oak?", he asked.

" Me? Oh, same here. Though we just got a baby girl couple of days ago. I hope nothing happens to them..", Oak answered.

" Lemme ask you something.. How is it that your father is already a world wide Pokemon Proffessor? Are you also famous, or.. what?", Ketchum asked.

" No. I try not to show myself that way. I want to be known as a soldier, not son of a Proffessor, you know?", Oak said. " And what do you think of the name ' Daisy'?".

" Enough chatting, Chattots. We have work to do. Get your Pokemon ready. Ketchum, your Blastoise, is he alright to battle?", Surge asked.

" Yes sir!" Ketchum answered.

" Great. Oak, your Charizard?", Surge asked again.

" Ready for battle, sir!" Oak answered.

" Good. Everybody, ready?!", Surge asked.

" Sir, yes, sir!" echoed through the hideout.

" Then we go out there and show the Arceus believers we are right!", Surge declaired. They ran out and started the battle.

It was a really messy fight. Allot of people and Pokemon died. They just.. dissapeared.
You could hear Voltorb explode, and some Pidgeot gusting theit foes, but also some Luxray battling side-to-side with Staraptors.

" Allright, Blastoise, Water Gun them!" Ketchum shouted. The Blastoise blasted Water Gun at some soldiers, drowning them.

" Good job, pal!" he said. They battled some more, untill they joined Oak.

" Charizard?" Oak asked. The Charizard nodded. " Allright, pal, let's do this!", Oak shouted. A giant flame came out of it's mouth, burning the foes.

" Oak, you allright?!", Ketchum shouted. " Yes! You?" Oak answered. " Not quite! I'll join you in a sec!", Ketchum said.

" No, Ketchum, watch out!" Oak shouted. He ran towards him and took a Thunder for him. Oak fell down, trying to breathe.

" Oak!!! You shouldn't have done this!!", Ketchum said.

" It's allright, pal." Oak answered. " I'd take a Voltorb for a friend like you."

" No!! Guys watch out!!!!!" Surge shouted at Oak and Ketchum. But it was too late. A Voltorb exploded near them.

" No.. no..", Surge gasped. " This isn't happening." he said looking at the men falling down in pieces. He let a tear out. But he noticed something else.

" Wait. Electra! Where are you!? No.. I can't lose all of them.", Surge said.

He then saw her battling a Sandslash. It scratched her right at the eye.
" Electra!!! NO!!!", Surge shouted, while running towards her. He grabbed her and threw a Voltrob at the Sandslash.

Present Day

Kanto is in peace now. No more wars, or missfits. Only peace.

Nobody even remembers the war. It was like it never happened. Everybody is happy, children are playing, and men that survived the war are living happiliy with their families.

A blonde man was approaching Lavender Tower with his Raichu. The Raichu had a scar on it's face, it was blind on one eye.
The man entered the building, and approached a grave. He layed a flower on one grave. 'You will always live in my heart' the man thought. He couldn't handle the emotions, and the Raichu felt that. They left the building..
But they couldn't forget. All those lost lives. Because of some stupid war nobody even remembers. Orphans can be seen all arround Kanto. But nobody notices that.

The man left Lavender Town. He turned once more, and let a couple of tears out. He turned his back, and walked away..
  1. Greyz
    Very cool, gives a dark tone to Pokemon and its history. :)
    Jan 24, 2016
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  2. Bulba the Curious
    Bulba the Curious
    Mew believers vs. Arceus believers. A clever concept! I've always wondered about this!
    Apr 19, 2015
    Vaporeonn likes this.
  3. DragonDare2
    Aug 27, 2014
  4. Will MacDonald
    Will MacDonald
    So, are Ketchum, Oak, Blastoise, and Charizard dead?
    Jul 31, 2014
  5. Sy Kage
    Sy Kage
    Deep... I am flattered by the way you place your words together to create such a story.
    Jul 12, 2014
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  6. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    This is deserving of a wonderful comment coming from the depths of my being... only the words are ceasing to form.
    May 26, 2014
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  7. Flygonn
    May 26, 2014
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  8. Vaporeonn
    @Flygonn Sorry about the spelling, I wrote this on my tablet, and it is hard to write on it :'|
    But I'm glad you like it :D
    May 26, 2014
  9. Flygonn
    I like the story. :) I found some spelling mistakes though but it doesn't change the fact that the story is nice! :up: I hope to see more written works from you :D
    May 26, 2014
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  10. DalmatiaCreator
    Deep, much. Real deep.
    May 25, 2014
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  11. Vaporeonn
    @DragonDare When you're on Creative Corner, under the 'Pokecharms' button, you have a small Create Work. You'll have to click Create Written Work, and start your story! :)
    Hope I helped ^^
    May 25, 2014
  12. Mega Charizard X Y Z
    May 25, 2014
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  13. DragonDare
    how do u make these?
    May 24, 2014