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The Pokemon Forrest 2 (kinda)

by raymangirl6

raymangirl6 After Lena gets a pichu named Buddy, they set out for their first town visit.
"Okay *gasp* Buddy, are you sure this is the way to get to the Virdian Forrest?", Lena asked through heavy breaths. Buddy nodded his head yes. Lena and her pichu were now on a pokemon adventure, after meeting Buddy in the forrest wounded, Lena went on a journey with her lovely little pichu to go an exciting adventure of a life time! "Buddy, do you even know what is beyond Virdian Forrest?", Lena asked. Buddy shook his head no. "But Buddy, you never even lived outside of your forrest on Route 1?", Lena said. Buddy looked a little sad after what Lena said because it was true, Buddy never left Route 1 in his entire lifetime avoiding not worthy trainers who are trying to catch him. "So Buddy, what is it like to be a pokemon?", Lena asked. "Pichu Pi!", Buddy said happily. "Umm..I didn't really know what you said.", Lena said while being kinda embrassed. Lena had studied Pichus when she was only 3 because she wanted one. Now she had one! "Well, we're here. Virdian Forrest!", Lena shouted very happily. But Buddy was nervous about going into the forrest, Buddy thought it was scary. "PICHU PICHU PI!!!", Buddy shouted. "Buddy I know you don't want to go in there, but we have no choice, so LET'S GO!!", shouted Lena as she ran into the forrest with Buddy. TO BE CONTINUED!!
  1. AzureEdge
    This story is so dealing cute.
    A route 1 Forrest huh? That's probably where you catch starters.
    Sep 5, 2014