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The pokemon adventure!: The pokemon adventure!Chapter 3:A building

by Dootletail

Dootletail Lucy finds a building,to all four pokemon it looks rare.And decided to go in.
Chapter 3:A building
"I'm so hungry!"Complained Barely.

"Then come into our cave."Lucy said as she walked into her icey cave with Amber beside her."Are you sure we can trust them?"Amber whispered,"Let's see."Lucy answered.

When everyone got settled,Lucy only had two berries."Umm....do guys think we can find some berries on our own?"Lucy asked.

"I can."Bob answered,"I've done it for half of my life."He added blankly.

Barely nodded,then Amber nodded."Okay then,let's go find some berries."Lucy said.

I few hours passed and Amber,Bob,Barely,and Lucy had found tuns of berries.It's just they were all split up.

Lucy dropped her berries,the amaura was staring at a worn down building.It was covered in frost and snow.Then she heard:"Lucy!"Lucy shook her head and looked back,the three other pokemon were holding the same amount off berries as her."Look at the building."Lucy said pointing her head at the massive building.

Barely whispered something to Bob who nodded."Should we go in?"Barely asked.

"I want to go in!"Amber said."Barely,use some fire move."

The growlithe nodded.He did such a powerful attack the door burned.It was frozen inside,completely frozen.
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