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The pokemon adventure!: The pokemon adventure!Chapter 2:Pokemon

by Dootletail

Dootletail Lucy and Amber walk out of their caves to find two pokemon.
Chapter 2: Pokemom
"Well,now wh-"Amber was cut off by an explosion noise,Lucy looked outside.A growlithe and some water type looking pokemon were battling each other.

Amber was in fury,"Let's kill them."She whispered,and stomped outside.

"Umm....Amber,if they come back dead to their trainers.They are going to think something is wrong."Lucy whispered to Amber."Exactly,if their pokemon never come back.They are going to think something is wrong,which will cause them to leave."Amber finished."Now,let's do this."The glaceon had her eyes on both pokemon.

The growlithe spotted the two first,"What are you doing here?!"The growlithe wasn't pleased of both appearances.

"To kill you."Amber spat,the glaceon had her teeth bared.Then she snapped at the growlithe.

Lucy looked uneasy,then she relized the water type looking pokemon.Wasn't a water type pokemon at all!It was a rowlet.

The growlithe glared at Lucy and Amber for a few moments,"My name is Barley,and this is my friend.Bob."Barely said.

"Well,my name is Amber and this Lucy."Amber said it at the same pressure as Barley."But we're still here to battle you."Amber growled.

"Well,we're not going to battle for nothing."Barely said.

"I agree with Barley,why should we be battling?"Lucy asked.

"Yep."Bob shrugged.
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