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The pokemon adventure!: The pokemon adventure!Chapter 1:The Discussion

by Dootletail

Dootletail Lucy,an amaura,thinks there's no trouble at all in her habitat!But when Amber tells her humans are in their habitat.The adventure hasn't even begun......
Chapter 1:The Disscussion
A young amaura awoke in her icey cold cave.It looked like to the pokemon sharp-icey teeth was hanging at the entrance at the cave.Just then,her friend,a glaceon raced at the entrance of her cave.

"Hello,Amber.What's wrong?"The amaura asked,"Troubled?"She added."No,Lucy.Listen,I have to tell you something."The glaceon's voice seemed troubled as it always did to Lucy.

"W-well....I saw a human!With another human!"Amber bursted out.

"But they always come here with there pokemon,Amber don't be silly."Lucy's voice was calm.

The light of the sun reflected on Amber's coat."Well,there still here."She mumbled.

The amaura looked out of the cave,"Do they have any pokemon with them?"She asked."Yes,but just two."Answered Amber."Then we should look for them."Lucy suggested,"And how would that work?We just walk up to them and put up a fight?Wow Lucy,your a genius."Amber said sarcastically."Wait,and when the time comes.We will look for them."Promised Lucy.
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