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The Darkness Of The Poke World: The poke story.

by Moka175

Moka175 One dark day the poke world became a gaint quest for a group of children
One night a 9 year old girl named Cathrine woke up because there was a loud bang out of her room she ran to the door and slightly opened it and the one thing she found was shocking she saw her older brother laying down on the floor not moving "BROTHER!" she screamed then she ran down stairs and ran out side and fell asleep on a boy's porch
the next morning she remebered that its was her birthday "hello wh-whos there!" she heared a voice she ran off to the proff.'s lab and got her starter pokemon and she choose Charmander.
She met the boy again he spoke to her and said "h - Hi im Tanner whats your name?"
Cathrine said "oh hi my name is Cathrine" to be continued
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