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Pokemyst: The Plan

by Epikart

Kyle walked throughout the tall grass,looking for more Pokemon.The Tympole went into action.He leaped out of the grass,making absolute sure that Kyle could see him.The trainer did,in fact,see him.He thought about it,and decided to catch it."Go,Scyther!!!"He screamed as he threw his Pokeball.
As Scyther came out and was ordered to use False Swipe,Hitmonlee secretly exited his Ball.He quickly grabbed Dragonair's and sprang out of sight,just before Tympole was caught.Hitmonlee then sent Dragonair out of her ball.By instinct,Dragonair blocked herself with her tail,expecting pain.She lowered it after noticing Kyle wasn't around.
"Dragonair."Dragonair looked up into the eyes of Hitmonlee."You are free to go.I have executed a plan to free you from our trainer."
"B-but,Hitmonlee,what will happen to you?"
"I will be fine.I am used to him.You,though,are new.Quick,you must go,before he notices!"At this,Dragonair quickly slithered off.
"Good luck,Dragonair.You will do good out there."
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