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The Blonde and the Fishtail: The Plain for Stardom

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ A young 'fishtail' girl, for no clear reason, gets transported somewhere not too favourable overnight...
Along the soft, sandy beach, alone sounded a young girl’s voice. She started with a simple, quiet melody, matching the movement of the silent waves’. The girl slowly started to transition the melody into a song, her soft yet powerful voice carrying it far.

Zan, ga ratart eyli, ga ratar rykutu-uuuuuuuu... aaaa-a-aaaa...” The girl choked up a bit as she sang last line of that song. Rasping a bit, the girl placed her hand around her throat and bent down, panting at the sand. “The stars shine upon me!” she cried out, collapsing onto the sand, her light blue and pink hair spread out around her.


‘What’s going on...? I feel like... like I’m falling somewhere... not the sea though...’ the girl’s blue eyes fluttered open and closed, the sky turning much darker each time. ‘Normally when I fall into this sort of state, when I’m barely awake, it doesn’t last all day...’

Greeting her when she finally awoke was the soft, refreshing reddish pink and cyan sky of sunrise. The girl pushed herself up into a sitting position, flicking her cyan and pale green fish-like tail.

“How did I get to a completely plain plain...?” she muttered to herself, shaking her head. Not knowing where to go, she sat there, in the middle of a plain for the entire morning.
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