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The Peach Clinic

by Mango137

Mango137 A brief into to my future superhero character Hugo Holmes as he walks into the hospital he’s working at. Very short cause it’s not finished but Hec’s guilting me
August 1st

The Peach Clinic… wow.

A month into his research internship there and still the young Hugo Holmes couldn’t help but be amazed that he was allowed to work at one of the most prestigious research facilities in the world. But still, today, his research meant nothing to him. Of course he loved the opportunity to help advance the field, and getting to present his own thesis as an intern at his spry age of nineteen would’ve been more than a dream come true for most of his peers, but, selfishly, that was never what was most important to Hugo. After doing his time relegated to the research sector of the cancer tower, today was the day Hugo finally got to do what he enjoyed most: working with patients. And in just a few minutes the shadowing portion of his internship would begin and he would be assigned a mentor amongst the heroes he admired most in the world.

He had been in the general hospital a number of times, whether it was in passing or as a patient himself, but today was the first time he’d be entering as an employee: the closest he’d ever been to being a doctor in his young life, and the sensation was entirely different. Perhaps it was a bit too heavenly for a place that was meant to keep people on earth. Light shone through from all directions thanks to the glass that outlined the dome shaped building and focused in on an abstract piece of orange glasswork that dazzled as it reflected tinted light to every concentric ring shaped floor, thus creating the illusion of an extended sunrise. In the confines of the building he admired so much, Hugo couldn’t help but feel inferior. He ran his hands through his dark brown hair, attempting to make sure it fell orderly above his eyebrows yet was not so neat that it made him seem stiff rather than inviting; adjusted the collar of his cream quarter-zip so it lined up perfectly with the blue plaid button up he wore beneath it, and adjusted the rectangular frames of his glasses just to make sure they weren’t crooked.

“I’m here for shadowing. My name’s Hugo, Hugo Holmes.” He spoke softly to the receptionist, only half paying attention as he slid his ID card across the counter. Easily distracted, the boy curiously watched doctors travel from room to room, dying to figure out what sorts of fascinating cases were currently going on all around him.

“Hugo… Holmes?” She looked at his ID card and then up to the underwhelming boy, shifting her expression from excitement to disappointment and confusion as if to say “this is the guy?”

Unbeknownst to the aloof child, he had become a subject of conversation amongst the senior staff. His tendency to blurt out solutions and treatments that seemed overly simplified had in fact been found to have some merit and were beginning to become a topic of conversation at higher up board meetings, and led to a few special requests regarding who his mentor would be. The receptionist had been notetaking at a few of these meetings and had made him out to have the appearance of an organized genius, not this child who looked lost in his own head.

“Perfect! I got you all signed in. If you take a seat over there your attending doctor will be right with you.” She chimed in her typical receptionist voice, hiding her dissatisfaction beneath a veneer of pleasantry.

“Yeah, okay, thanks…” He mumbled and made his way over to the cushioned orange couches. Anxious to get started, he began tapping his suede loafers against the ground; all the while taking deep breaths and giving himself words of affirmation. As well as he did in class, Hugo knew his greatest strength came in patient interactions. I’m a likeable guy, right? Of course you are, you’re Hugo Holmes! You’re gonna be the most brilliant doctor and researcher of all time! Well, except for James Peach, that guy’s a legend. Also maybe not better than Daniel Hale Williams, or Sir Alexander Fleming… I mean it’s not like penicillin can be discovered again. And for sure not a better researcher than Elvis Elric, he really did it all. But I’ll for sure be top five…. AH! That’s not the point!

Hugo brought his hands to his face and lightly slapped himself in what unfortunately had become a common practice for the boy to force himself to get back on track.

The point is that the doctor and patients will for sure like me so there’s nothing to worry about! A good showing here could mean a recommendation for their medical school. Hopefully I get someone important…

“Right this way doctor. This is Hugo.”

“So you’re the boy who wants to fight cancer using Jell-O.”

The familiar voice of the receptionist followed by an even more familiar voice shot Hugo to his feet. It was wise yet playful, powerful yet approachable. A voice Hugo had become familiar with after listening to countless hours of speeches, podcasts, and talk show appearances.

No… Fucking… Way.

His draw dropped. In fact, had his mouth opened any further he might have been sent to the orthodontic wing to his left. Over 5,000 employed doctors at the Peach Clinic and I’m shadowing…

“James Peach.” The name slipped out in a whisper as his eyes settled onto the utmost of his idols.
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