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The Outbreak

by DevVoid

DevVoid A prologue I had been writing to test my writing skills. Thought I might aswell post it here for second opinions and criticism. WARNING: Includes a certain amount of gorey scenery. If you don't like imagining painful or disgusting things, be warned.
Prologue: The Accident

" HQ, this is Containment Unit D52-XF42. Come in. "

" Unit D52, this is HQ. What seems to be the problem?"

" Unit D52, we are currently on the I-82, on the way to Washington. Reports of other Units show that several accident involving chemical spills have occured on other Highways in the USA. What should we tell the Units to do? "

" Accidents?! D52, give us the locations of the crash sites, immediately! If we leave those chemical spills untouched, it could be a great danger to the Earth! "

" The locations are the following; Lincoln Highway near Coalville and Shelton, the- "

The connection had cut off. What was going on with D52?

" D52? D52, come in!! "

The sound of screaming and tires squeaking against the asphalt pavement could be heard. Then, a loud bang that turned the screaming into static.

" D52?! D52, report!!! "

No response. The signal was lost. Infuriated, General Weshire threw the transceiver against a wall. He had been busy all day taking distress signals from different delivery units that had ended in fatal crashes. Was misfortune targetting him for a reason? How could there be so many crashes in one day? No, now was not the time to ponder. He had to take action. Weshire rushed over to the telephone in his office and called to another General.

" Yes, this is General Weshire. We had multiple accidents on the- "

" Yes, Weshire, we know. I and the other generals had experienced the same results not long ago. "
The voice on the other end responded, cutting off Weshire.

" But, Weshire. " Continued the voice. " It is too late to quarantine the crash sites now, nevermind investigating them. We need to turn the camps into quarantines and get the president and civilians to safety before the gas spreads. "

" Yes, I understand, but- " Weshire responded before being cut off yet again.

" I know. But we can't do anything about the gas now. It is far too dangerous to attempt to remove it from the perimeters. We have to leave it be and hope the gas will be cleansed on its own. Right now, we have to take the matter of saving the lifes of potential victims into our hands. Prepare Code Black. This could be devastating. "

The general responded. Weshire wanted to say something when he heard something strange. Were those.. sirens he heard going off in the background of the phone call?

" Hey, what the hell, are those sirens I hear going off on your end? What's going on sir? "

Is what Weshire wanted to say. But it was too late. The other general had already dropped the phone. Weshire wasn't sure if he had ran to safety or went to investigate the source of the alarm. The only thing knew is that misfortune struck Weshire yet again. But, who or what could have set off that siren? It sounded very familiar.. yes, Weshire recognized it!

This was no ordinary alarm. This wasn't even an air-raid or a tornado siren. This.. was the siren used for incidents inside the facility! An explosive being set off, an enemy busting through the entrance. But, none of this could happen! No enemy of theirs could ever hope to sneak up to any of the military bases without being seen and shot on sight, nevermind enter it!

And who would set up an explosive in the base anyway? It was made out of durable metals, there was little any explosives could do if it were tried to blow the building up! Nevermind the fact that he had heard neither such things happening! The only thing he could hear is.. awful cracking and snapping sounds. Like a bone breaking over. And over. And over.

Then, the sound got closer, and Weshire got to hear more and more disgusting sounds. The sound of mushy wet matter wiggling around as if being squished, the sound of a liquid dripping to the floor in random amounts, and finally.. there. The sounds of screaming. But these were different. Those weren't screams of fear. No.. those weren't even screams to begin with.

Those were incoherent gurgles and bubbling noises that had tried their best to be screams. It reminded him of the time when he witnessed one of his soldiers drowing in their own blood as their knocked out teeth blocked the blood from going down to the throat. This.. this wasn't the sound of death. This.. was the sound of tortured souls, seemingly undergoing a painful experience. Almost as if as they were.. mutating.
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