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The ORAS What-If Story

by YoltLuigi

YoltLuigi I had literally just thought of this.
A kid is riding in the back of a moving truck. All of a sudden, the truck crashes on the road. The kid was the only one who survived. His mother was waiting for him to get to his new house. He grabs his backpack and starts walking, then a wild Pokemon jumps out and runs away from him. The kid runs on the road, then he finally gets to his new home. His mom says, "Kaleb, what happened to the moving truck?" Kaleb says, "It had crashed and I was the only one who survived." His mom told Kaleb that the professor was wanting to meet him at his house. Kaleb walks over to the professor's house, but the professor's wife greets him and says that they have a daughter that he can make friends with and that she is upstairs. He goes upstairs and finds the daughter. The girl runs to him and says, "Hi, I'm May! I love Pokemon, I want to make friends with Pokemon all over the world." Kaleb leaves and finds a boy near a twisting road. The boy says that he hears yelling and wants Kaleb to check it out. Kaleb find the professor running from a Pokemon. The professor yells, "Hey, you there! In my bag, there are pokeballs!" Kaleb looks at them and tries to decide which one he wants.

TO BE CONTINUED.................
  1. YoltLuigi
    Oct 30, 2016
  2. MeliodasPokeHax
    He chooses a treecko. And fights the pokemon AND THEN....
    Oct 20, 2016