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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: The Old Mean Demon King Sai.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is the 4th chapter of the Melancholy of the Demon lord Sai, and before you read any of this, I suggest you read the earlier chapters for clarification! Enjoy!~ #summercamp15
Chapter 4- The Old Mean Demon King Sai.

It had a month since Sara had learn of her mother’s passing, and in due time, things had returned to normal. Sai was stuck in his room going through photos from before, while Cecil was teaching Sara as usual.

The burgundy-dressed princess ran quickly towards his father in his room. “Daddy, help me!”

Sai quickly caught his daughter, and put her on his shoulder. “What is it this time, Sara?”

Cecil’s voice sounded older than ever, as he ran through the castle. “Lady Sara! Lady Sara, come back here this instant!”

Cecil went into his master’s room, and surveyed the room before looking at his king. “Lord Sai, could you please put Lady Sara down?”

Sai started whining. “But she doesn’t want to learn today Cecil, can’t you just give her a break?”

Cecil glared at Sai. “Do you even know what she’s learning?”

Sai smiled, countering Cecil’s glare. “Nope, but I probably should know what’s she’s learning.”

“Today, she’s learning about the kings of the demon kingdom!”

Sai put Sara down from his shoulder. “Sara, this lesson should be pretty interesting. You’ll learn about my name. It’s a really special name.”

Sara snickered. “Your name? What’s so special about it? We’re learning about demons. D-E-M-O-N-S.”

Sai sighed, and a tint of red could be seen on his face. “Well, you’ll have to go to your lesson, and learn it, right?”

Sara smiled. “Aw! Fine, I’ll go to my lesson, but it better be as good as you say daddy, ok?” Cecil then escorted Sara out of the room, as quickly as they came. Sai thought to himself, well, what was so special about his name anyways? It was more of the fact that he was a double black made people afraid of him.


The red haired king boastfully said, “I want to name him Sai.”

“Sai? Lord Asher, Lady Stella, that sounds like a pretty human name to me.”

Lady Stella laughed. “It won’t be a human name anymore then. As a double black, he’ll bring fear to the hearts of everyone.”

Asher chuckled. “Indeed. Anyway, when’s the last time we’ve had a double-black in this kingdom, Cecil?”

“I believe, the late King Wallace had black hair and black eyes, but I don’t remember all that well, as it’s been a long time. That was around 1,000 years ago.”

Sara and Cecil were in the library, as that was her ‘school’, which mostly composed of one-on-one teaching from Cecil. Sara hated school, and the dining room in general, as she often ran to her father to tell Cecil to stop the lesson for that day. Sai’s words were absolute after all.

Sara snickered. “So, what’s so special about the demon-kings?”

Cecil smiled, “Well, it seems like you’re ready for this lesson.”

Sara gave a quick glare to Cecil. “If daddy says that it’s ok, I mean, I don’t mind learning about this demon-king.”

Cecil started talking about the demon king, and Sara thought the way he described him; it was like they had been friends for a very long time. “I see. Anyways, the current demon king is demon King Sai. He’s considered one of the most ruthless demon kings, and having a great hatred for humans. Humans fear him for being something called a double-black, which means that he has black hair and black eyes. Some records state that he has black wings as well. He’s a ruthless demon king, as he would cut you down without hesitation. His special weapon is a sword named-“

Sara immediately got out of her seat and in a loud tone screamed, “Cut me down- Sai would never do that! Why is dad so proud of his name?”

Cecil sighed, as he certainly wasn’t the one to answer this question. “You’d have to ask Lord Sai yourself, Lady Sara. Now, may I continue the lesson?”

Sara quietly took her seat; As Cecil happily continued talking about his master, as Sarah’s thoughts flooded with horror. Sai’s a human, so it shouldn’t have mattered. But why did this all seem so true? But yet, it seemed so unlike him to even think about doing something like this. Why?

After the lesson, Cecil said “Sara, I think this is enough for today. We’ll talk about the village of Vinegald tomorrow, alright?”

“Yes.” Sara then ran out of her room, and went to the garden, where Sai was. He was looking off in the distance like he was reminiscing something.

Sara tugged on his father’s perfectly tailored suit. “Daddy? You shouldn’t be proud of your name.”

He shrugged his shoulders, and chuckled. “Why not?”

“The demon king sounds like a big-meanie!”

Sai couldn’t help but put a smile on his face, as apparently, he was a ‘big mean-ie’. “H-he does?”

Sara clenched on to Sai’s suit even more tightly than before. “Yea! He cuts down humans, and has weird wings! He has black hair, just like you! He’s really, really scary!”

He sighed. “I’m probably the only person besides the mean-old demon king, who has the name. There might be tons of Sara’s and Cecil’s, but only two Sai’s. I don’t like my black hair, but I’m too lazy to dye it.”

Sara pointed at Sai’s hair. “You should dye it!”

Sai was shocked, but nevertheless, he should have blended in with humans way earlier anyways. “What color should I dye it then? I’ll let you choose, and if they have that hair-dye, then you’ll help me dye my hair.”

“Forget it! I can’t imagine you with another color of hair, so just keep black.”

“Alright, alright. But Sara, can I ask a question~?”

“Sure thing!”

Sai took a deep breath, and hoped on one side of his heart, that she wouldn’t take this question all that seriously, but on another side of his heart, he wish she would know that he actually was the demon-king. “What if I was the demon-king? Not that I would be, anyways, but would you still love me?”

Sara smiled. What type of question was that? “Daddy is daddy, no matter what he is, even if he’s the demon king! I’d love you anyways!”

Sai smiled, and gave her a hug. Even if I was the demon king, I’d love you forever too.
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