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Wolf and the Ghost.: The old bud

by Night 'Wolf' Smith

Night 'Wolf' Smith After the hard night, Wolf wakes to see an old friend.
Wolf woke the next day feeling a bit better, though his head still hurt. He slowly got up, meet with someone at his door. “James?”

The boy smirked at Wolf. Brown hair, glasses, and a green shirt and khaki shorts. “Well, well. We meet again old boy. Tell when you became a gym leader?”

Wolf stood up, still dressed from last night. “How did you get in? The door was locked.”

“Oh? Your helper let me in, I don’t know where he went through. Anyhow, why don’t we sit and catch up?”

Wolf glances at the mirror, knowing he probably meant Giratina. After fixing some coffee and small pancakes Wolf joined James at the table. “Tell me, Night. How was it in that world, the Distortion World, right?”

Wolf looked up from his coffee. “A place, a horrid place. Right is left; down is up, a place where all laws of the universe are flipped. I just can’t…”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about. I had to bail to go help other people, make sure everyone is ok, you know. I was just worried when I didn’t hear back, I was following news reports, but every time I came by, no one was home.” James sips on his coffee, noticing the gem on Wolf’s watch. “I didn’t know you have a Keystone.”

Wolf grumbles a bit, still half asleep. “I have more important things to worry about. I’ve only had four gym battles. I study more than fight.”

Wolf got up and walked to a shelf where a few old books laid. Picking up one and handed it to James. Wolf sighs. “I’ve taken up a study to Giratina and Darkrai. Since that day I can’t forget the scream he let out.”

James opened the book, noticing notes and pictures of the two Pokémon. James didn’t know Wolf has both Pokémon and Wolf wanted to keep it that way. “You really have studied a lot. Isn’t a bit dangerous to be messing with this though; I mean you have modern pictures of these Pokémon, how!?”

“Don’t worry how I got the pictures; just know I am keeping myself safe and you have nothing to worry about. Now, why did you really come, a battle? I know you didn’t fight Volkner.” Wolf walked back to his chair and sat.

“You read me like a book.” James cracked. “I need to fight the last gym of Sinnoh and knowing it’s my buddy is going to amazing.”

Wolf shook his head and stood back up. “A 3 v 3, no-“

He was cut off with James. “3 v 3? Don’t you have a full team, you even have a Keystone, come on. 6 v 6!”

James looked at Wolf’s belt. “You have 5 Pokeballs come on, at least 5 v 5.”

“NO James, 3 v 3 or no battle! Now you want to fight or not.”

While Wolf was waiting for a reply, Giratina whispered in Wolf’s ear. Come on, let's show him what made you a gym leader. Wolf growled in his head.

Why did you even let him in, yo-

“Who are you talking too?” James looked puzzled at Wolf. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine, so 3 v 3?”