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Total Pokemon Island: The Obtuse Obstacles

by King Miles

King Miles Last time on Total Pokemon Island, 24 teenage Pokemon to Camp Pokewana and to win 1 million pokedollars and... That's just it nothing else

Note: Not completed as yet
At the Swamperts' Female Cabin...
Ralts: Alright it's Vanillite's turn,Vanillite truth or dare?
Vanillite: Truth...
Ralts: Ok,Who do you have a crush on our team ?
The other girls: Ohhhhhhh.....
Vanillite: Umm.... Well.... I have this crush on Growlite.
Pumpkaboo: Oh... That's a good choice for you *smiles*
At the confessional outhouse...
Vanillite: *sighs* Growlithe is so Hunky...
Pumpkaboo: Alright listen! There is only one person who I wanna be with and that person is Growlithe! You better sleep with one eye open,Vanillite.
At the Male cabin...
Palpitoad: So the girl I like has a crush on another guy? Well not today
Growlithe: You called me for something ?
Gastly: He was referring your name because he heard Vanillite have a crush on You
Palpitoad: Gastly Shut Up !
Growlithe: Wow a girl likes me... That's pretty cool
Scraggy: Wait a minute you are one of the most popular people in your school, Wow that's a bit ironic
Stunky: Do you even know what ironic means?
Scraggy: Uhhhh.... No but I'll look it up
Gastly: My Sarcastic and Crazy friend and roommate in and out of this camp, Ironic means that something is as it sounds but there's an unbelievable twist
Scraggy: Thanks man, Needed your help
Palpitoad: Wait your friends with a nerd? *Laughs Loudly*
Scraggy: *Grabs Palpitoad by his tail* And what's so bad about that ?!
Palpitoad: Nothing I'm just saying that you and him are really bad friends
Scraggy: *Throws Palpitoad at the wall breaking it* That's what you get! Now get up, Get Up !
Palpitoad:*Coughs* Your a psychopath !
Scraggy: *Gives him a towel* Now clean yourself up you got mud everywhere
Raichu: *Speaks in the intercom* Good morning Campers! Nice day today so today is when your gonna get your first challenge in the middle of the woods ASAP!
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