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Noble Outcasts: THE Noble Outcast Ch.1

by Koda ESP

Koda ESP So this is going to be a side story I accidently came up with...
NOC Chapter 1. The Girl-
The Sun was bright and the air was crisp, it was a autumn morning in the kingdom of Dru. All the people were of kind nature as long as you had money in you pocket. The kingdom was ruled by King Lucas the 2nd, a greedy man with almost limitless power. However, our story isn't about a rich king, more so a poor girl.
In the streets a girl wondered around stealthily. She wore old ragged clothes, and was covered in filth. She approached a fruit stand and asked if they had any to spare. She was thrown to ground and told poor people didn't deserve food... This doesn't mean she gave up, she got to her feet, grabbed what ever she could and began to run! 3 guards chased after her but had no luck, because she knew little witch craft. This girl could use the ability of psychic to bring items to her and the ability to fade into shadows.
When she got home, she opened her pouch to find 2 apples, one slightly rotted. She smiled, and ate.

Later that night, she began to prepare for sleep, when there was a tapping at her door. She was young and had no parents to open the door for her protection, so she left it shut. She crawled into bed and began to rest, when a figure jumped through her window! She got up and took a look at what was there. A small shadow stood there, with claws and glowing red eyes. It let out a blood curdling squeal and pounced at her. The girl ran down stairs and through the secret tunnel she made for her safety. She had finally escaped, or so she thought. The shadowy figure approached her, pushed her to the ground and stood over her.
A drop of liquid fell from the creatures face, and then it began to pound her with the claws. After about 2 minuets, it finally stopped, and ran away.
She laid in the floor and cried for a while, got up and said, "Their all wrong! No one is created equally!". She cleaned the blood off herself and went to sleep.
It was midnight, and the town was quiet. The girl walked out to her window and looked outside. She loved the night, and the moon. After all, she was named after it. She climbed out her window, and crawled onto the roof so she could get a better view, but what she saw wasn't what she was looking for.
Across the street, their was a noise of peculiar origin. At that time, she spotted three figures running across the roofs. The first, a tall figure, running with great speed and coordination. The second, a much larger shadow, making large, reckless jumps. The third was slender, running with grace and style. Not knowing what they were, the girl packed what little she owned and followed them.
The figures ran across the streets all the way over to the side wall of the castle. The girl stopped and stared as the figures conversed. One had Bright Yellow eyes, the other had one red eye, and the third had shady purple eyes. The two skinner figures scaled the walls and the other raised a bottle to its lips. Once the two were on the roof, one of them stood and let out a loud howl. A call, probably from a guard yelled out, "Summon the Archers!". The Biggest of the three then Broke down the wall and began to run in! The yellow eyed one stood in the shadows and sniped any archers aiming for the large one. While the other figure disappeared. The girl, now left behind in the shadows, followed them. When she walked in, all the kings knights and archers were either dead or too wounded to fight.
The Purple eyed figure stood by a wall and waited for the bigger figure. Once it got there, the purple eyed creature said, "Would you get the door for me my good man?" And the Large figure said ever so happily, "Certainly my good friend." At that time, he grabbed a large Mace and Chain from his back, and Smashed the wall open! Behind the wall was a great load of treasure. The two ran in and disappeared for a while and as they came out, they spotted the girl.
She stood nervously, she didn't know what to do. Then from behind, the 3rd figure came down, wrapped a chain around her and turned her around. The 3rd figure said, "Well, looks like we got a new friend?" The figure then, blew a dust into the girls face, and she passed out.
  1. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    I am very interested in the story so far:) its really good!
    Oct 18, 2016
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  2. Koda ESP
    Koda ESP
    Oct 18, 2016
  3. Alex The Hydreigon
    Alex The Hydreigon
    I have a feeling I'm the poor girl. I would never give up on anything, or anyone! Like friends :3
    Oct 18, 2016
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  4. Koda ESP
    Koda ESP
    Oct 18, 2016
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