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the nijare pokemon skwad of doom: the nijare pokemon skwad of doom: the nijare Pokémon of doom part 7

by revlek

revlek a massive black shadow of a crèacher is now out & looking fore destruction .three new crèches have aperecd & are son goner have to fit a long side zilere & his friends in odder to save every one . find out in a sires coming son
volute sat at revere bank using here psychic powers to lockat zilere & the whit ball of lit with no luck , Velidar was standing in the midoll of the woods smashing up every thing in site . the dark ere was getting colder & colder has the winterer nits started rowling in zilere my name is vorlidar & my braver is Velidar seed the whit ball of lit how has the feet & tail of mew your braves fine & you will be back with him & every think will be back to normal seed zilere in a very grumpy mood . a lowed sawnd like an earthquake started to head dawn the street's of Tokyo were in a small sweat shop three people were shopping & the first had fennekin ,s tail & ears the second had snivy,s botumhalth ,luxray,s main & was wearing a pear of blue shoats that had a holl in the back & the there'd one had bulbasaur ,s mawth ,cyndaquil,s fire back ratta,s tail & was wearing a red headband & a peer of black trousers seed what was that sawnd ? don't now seed the overs before being knout out by a massive bake shadow that semnd to be in tent on destroying the world .