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the nijare pokemon skwad of doom: the nijare pokemon skwad of doom part5

by revlek

revlek zilere is in deep truboll & more .find out next eshow what happens to zilere
the whit lit stood at the edge of the woods with what apered to be to small feet & then that's when the girl sore that the tail lookt like a lenjunderey Pokémon how's name the girl hade forgotten but before a wered culled be seed the massive black shadow apered & attract zilere how uhoshd his legs to kike & ho,hos wings to hit the black bull of darkness that semnd to keep getting backup until the a loud screeching sawnd came from with in the whit bull of lit that hade the fee of mew & that's when the girl with the of ratta & the head of zura attach to the same body relished that the black shadowy fingerer fitting zilere was the same one from here visions .
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