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the nijare pokemon skwad of doom: the nijare pokemon skwad of doom part 4

by revlek

revlek a nerves felling has fell amoun the female lending here to see images of the past . zilere,s anger & deep voce are getting more Lowe & sinctere every second there in the house that seems to be hiding something evil.
the horayfiying images just kept on coming until the girl with ratta & zorua heads attached on to the same body wearing a whit skirt & long xxl poncho that she had thawed in a hold box in the corridor of the house. Zilere was still a sleep in the front room of the old house when a slick black shadow cam dawn the stares throw the wall & rite up beside zilere how was in a very deep sleep & there fore didn't see the shadowy figure watching him & grin a very sinctere grin & then despair in to the shadows a gean . zilere a woke to a loud thumping sawnd coming from the grawnd so he went to see what it was & that is when a massive flash of lit followed by a big drack shadow zilere run zilere run now shouted the girl how was wearing a red poncho & a whit skirt willst being chaste by a dark & whit thigeres that semnd to be wishing silently in a eerier verujhun of mews skwek.
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