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the nijare pokemon skwad of doom: the nijare pokemon skwad of doom part 3

by revlek

the camrer came out of knower & started taking pinchers of the yang girl with the per pull & black stripy arems & ratta & zorua heads on the same bodey willst wering a whit skeret was holding on to the yang & verey gorjhus giy how hade the botumharth of zoroark& wings of ho ,ho was so fuckt off about being on camrer that he rhipt the camreemans head off with one swip of his new leey thormand legs zilere what did you do shouted the girl yousing telekinesis zilere taunt to the girl & seed I did what I hate to do zilere seed in a stern voice . the two of them wallkt in silence until they came to a very old ,creep & yet some what welcoming house that creakt when zilere,s full body what on the flore of the house has he wallkt in on both his hands &the back legs of zoroark of home he was some haw thuosd with the girl how had the head of both ratta & zorua was just about to go in & thollow zilere when here eyes begun to tern whit & here physic pawereus begun to show here a intiuore vision of happiness qwicley tholowd by screaming & blood shed that was slowly thading only to be replaced by the qwike glimpse of a shadowy thigere.