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the nijare pokemon skwad of doom: the nijare pokemon skwad of doom part 2

by revlek

revlek the first two crehers are out & in fore a shock next weak
the per pull & black stripy crèacher had ratta & zorua heads that were attach to same bode the bode of a female a human female how was wearing a whit skirt was now wandering around the woods looking fore a way home when a seven foot tail guy came rite out of the trees & nearly flattened the female boded crèacher how lookt up at the guy how hade the botum harth of zoroark & wings of ho ,ho seed you look lost & owe yare bye the way my names zilere the blook seed has he hellpt the girl up . a will went by before the two crashers sore a road & that's when a man with a camrer came out of knower & started taking pinchers .
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  1. Kaben and Madeleine
    Kaben and Madeleine
    Still weird but cool:angel:
    Apr 22, 2016