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the nijare pokemon skwad of doom: the nijare Pokémon of doom part 7

by revlek

revlek A massive truck cusic zilere to revel a caratay move so pawatholl . Volute & velidar are on new terf whean a group of banck robers cuse them to revisel powers that thay get them notist but notist by Howe?
the massive black shadow sead my name is velidar & your name is sead the black shadow hows intiyer head & back seamed to be covered in a gas simelere to that of gastly my name is volute Sead the girl with the head of ratta & zorua atchd to the same bodey menwill on the uvere side of the wood's zilere & the big ball of lit were nearley at the forest opuning whean a massive lorry came towars them at hispeed . Zilere jumpt in to the eare grabing holld of the ball of lit reveling two small feat that lookt just like mews & yet befor eneythink culld be sead zilere kikt the ball of lit with his feat wilst uosing the wings of ho-oh the wings were atacht to his back.