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My fnaf nights: The next night

by Mewlover46

Mewlover46 This is for Fnaf 1
Night 2 12:00 okay anthor night. Phone call over of course Bonnie moved oh no. 1:00 So I look at pirate cove and Foxy's pokeing out. Now I have to keep my eye on Foxy because he could run down the hall and kill me. 2:00 Foxy moved again oh goodness! Oh no Bonnie and Chica moved this is bad this is very bad. 3:00 okay they're gone I am safe hopefully the night will be over soon. NO! Foxy is running down the hall shut the door quickly. 4:00 he's coming again what I do he keeps attacking me! Bonnie and Chica are at my doors my life might end right here. 5:00 I need one more hour to finish the job. Bonnie stop comeing after me 6:00 time to go home once again.
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