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The Showcase Series: The New Team

by Shauna23

Shauna23 Azuri, Espurr, and newly caught Minun make their freestyle performance, and meet someone again.
" Come on out, Minun!, " Azuri yelled. In a flash of light, Minun comes out. Azuri scans Minun. Minun could use electro ball, copycat, spark, and charm.
" That'll come in handy at the showcase, " exclaimed Azuri. Minun looked up at her. " I want to become Kalos queen," she explained. " Now here's how I think it should go: Espurr will shoot a psybeam into the air, and Minun will use copycat to make sparkles float around me as I spin. Then, Minun will use electro ball, and Espurr will use scratch on it. Finally, you two will fall into my hands for another boost, Espurr will use psywave and Minun will use charm, and you'll fall beside me, we twirl in unison, then we bow. Got it? " she exclaimed. They shouted their agreement. " Azuri? " said a voice from behind. Azuri spun around. " Shauna! " she exclaimed. " So your competing in the showcase, too? " asked Azuri. Shauna nodded her agreement.
" Let's walk to the showcase together! We have so much to catch up on," exclaimed Azuri. So all the way to the showcase, they talked about their pokemon and their performance
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