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The New Sun and moon news!!! Is finally here!,

by JoeyTheStar

JoeyTheStar New Things coming in Pokemon sun and moon
The New CoroCoro leaks came and now they have revealed rockruffs new evolutions one that God into a werewolf and one that goes into a wolf honestly the typing for them in my opinion should be dark-type for the night wolf and normal-ground type for the day wolf |||||| And finally the biggest part that came in a video |||||| new legendary Beast! Which are both exclusive to sun and moon
Featuring Suns legendary Beast is some kind of mosquito that is huge and for moons legendary beast it seems to be some kind of princess??? ||||| well, that's all for the new CoroCoro leaks today....|||| nope not yet but one more thing that ash is confirmed going to the Alola region awesome!! Well that's all for it See ya later guys until for some more leaks - JoeyTheStar
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  1. JoeyTheStar
    Sorry guys for the autocorrects I'll try fixing it if possible
    Sep 16, 2016
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