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The New Star Warrior

by GreninjaTrainer013

GreninjaTrainer013 Guess who's back? Back again?

In all seriousness, though, I'm back! Time to show off some new story I made up! It's a Kirby gijinka story.

Bandana looked surprised. The armor-wearing tall human looked to the hill at the side of Cappy Town. Why was there so much smoke there? The warrior squinted and soon ran over to the hill, spear in hand.

Attempting to swat away the smoke, what Bandana saw next was quite a sight - A small, seemingly 10-year-old boy laying on the grass, unconcious, with a spaceship right behind them. "Oh--! Oh crap!" Bandana thought, picking up the boy and running off as fast as he could.

Not long after, Bandana was in the Cappy Town hospital putting a bandage around the boy's head. But then.. The child's eyes opened. The child let out a scream, falling off the bed. "P-PLEASE DON'T H-HURT ME! I.. I promise I'll d-do anything you say!! I p-promise!" Tears filled in the small boy's eyes as he put his face in his legs, continuing to cry.

Bandana looked insanely nervous now. "W-Wait! I promise not to hurt you. I just want to know what's going on." Bandana said, signs of worrying shown on his face. He grabbed the small child by the hand and examined him. The before-mentioned was wearing an oversized pink shirt with a big star in the middle, long brown pants, and some red shoes.

Tears still stuck in the child's eyes, he looked up at the man, slowly beginning to calm down. Breathing heavily, he mustered up the courage to talk again. "Y-You promise..?" The child muttered. Bandana smiled back. "Promise."

It took a while, but the child eventually calmed down and told Bandana his name. "I.. I'm Kirby." Kirby spoke, smiling calmly. "S-Sorry, I just get kinda scared when speaking to new people.." He explained, scratching the back of his neck embarrassed. "No, it's fine. I had that experience once too.." Bandana chuckled a bit.

Walking out of the Cappy Town hospital, everyone went to go take a look at Kirby. People were surprised, nervous, and scared all at the same time. Kirby was a bit shy thanks to all the attention he was getting, which made him blush. But then..

Loud stomping came from the other side of town, and upon seeing who it was, the villagers stepped away in fear. It was none other than the King himself - King Dedede.

"G-Great King! Please, it's not what it looks like!" Bandana immediately said, standing in front of Kirby. "...I expected you to investigate and capture the li'l pest, not befriend it and make it a local attraction." The King's booming voice said, glancing over at Bandana right before looking back at Kirby. "H-Hello, can I ask what's going on here--"

Kirby was interrupted when suddenly Dedede grabbed Kirby's ears. Kirby yelped in surprise when this happened. "G-GREAT KING! LET HIM GO!" Bandana shouted. "I'll have a little 'chat' with you later, Bandana." Dedede said menacingly. "Take 'em to the castle!" Two guards immediately sprung to action upon hearing the order, holding spears by Kirby's back. Kirby's eyes filled up with tears again and he followed the King as he left, Bandana and the Guards following. The other villagers couldn't do anything about this, and watched in shock as they left.

Mt. Dedede wasn't too far away from the town, and climbing up there was surprisingly easy. Bandana kept trying to convince the King to let Kirby go, but Dedede chose not to listen, and rather ignore his most-trusted servant instead. He had his own reasons for taking the child.

Four guards in front of the castle doors greeted the King, saluting in front of him before opening the big door in front of them. The hallways were big and quite menacing, paintings hung all around the walls. In the middle of the hallway was a tall figure wearing blue armor only, and hair was covering his eyes. "Meta, take this li'l punk to the dungeon. I need to have a little 'chat' with Bandana."

Hearing the King's words, the man known as Meta, still with his eyes covered, glanced over to Kirby. When inspecting the supposed 'alien', Meta's mouth opened to speak, but no words came out of it. All he did was nod in silence, as the Guards were ordered to guard the entrance, and Bandana was escorted by King Dedede to the throne room on the upper floors of the castle.

Stepping down the stairs to the dungeons wasn't really the greatest experience Kirby ever had. The stairs were broken, as the dungeon wasn't used much at all. Soon Kirby and Meta found themselves in a dark hallway expanding through most of Mt. Dedede's caves, with cells all around, and signs of human bones were sometimes on the floor, making Kirby shiver a bit.

"...A-Am I going to be okay?" Kirby said, right in front of the cell he was supposed to be thrown in. Meta suddenly spoke to Kirby. "...You are going to be alright. Stay calm." The voice was calm and had a strange accent to it, but Kirby took no mind to the accent, he was just more focused on keeping himself calm.

Meta gently pushed the child into the cell, as he closed it and stood outside it, leaning on the walls. Kirby took the time to examine the cell. There was moss on the floor, a not-so-comfortable looking bed made out of stone, and a small bench attached to the wall. There were also windows in the cell, used to provide sunlight, even though there were already torches everywhere.

Kirby climbed onto the bed and looked out the window, and it seemed like Dedede took his time in clearing out some parts of the mountain just for sunlight. The view was.. Astonishing. Signs of trees, mountains, and life was EVERYWHERE. It was breathtaking.

All of a sudden, footsteps and grumbling was heard, as an old, tall, and wrinkly man with gray hair and a purple suit walked into the dungeon.

He glared at Kirby.
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