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The Darkness Of The Poke World: The new bigging

by Moka175

"Hi Cathrine umm why were you on my porch?:?" Tanner asked "oh ummm last night i saw my brother and i think he's dead so i ran away";_;Cathrin answered "hello ummm who are you two?" they both heard a girls voise "oh hello im Tanner and this is Cathrine" Tanner replied "Cool im Isabella but you can call me Izzy for short"Isabella replied they all ran after they got there starters and ran into Cathrine's brother "B-Brother?!"Cathrine asked but when he turned around his eyes were pouring out blood "BROTHER a-are you d-dead?" Cathrine asked her brother's ghost/demon nodded yes. That night Cathrine relized that means she is the only falmily member left in her house and she started to cry and she felt her heart rate increasing as she walked near Tanner she had fell in love with him "huh , Cathrine? umm hey why are you crying dont be sad we're here for you" Tanner said (TO BE CONTINUED!<.>)
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