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Bella and Friends A Guide To Bella's PKMN Journey: The Mystery of the SpiritPeople

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn Bella suddenly is transported into a world, a world where there is someone she is drawn to, someone who shares her spirit
This morning I woke up well of course I woke up, but when my eyes opened to see the sun, something was different. I grabbed some clothes out of my bag, and went inside my pink tent to change into them. I walked out and began to explore, everyone was wearing Pokemon suits, it was weird, suddenly someone walked up to me "Who are you? Karp! What are you doing here? Karp! Get your butt into the ceremoney hall! Karp! You have to see the princess! Karp!" he said, he was wearing a magikarp costume, very weird indeed. He grabbed me with his fishy arm and dragged me to a ceremoney, a girl with long silver hair and a shiny eevee costume was walking on a stage. "Hello people of my kingdom! Eevee! Welcome to the ceremony of nighting Sir Silver! Vee! Oh! And will you exscuse me? Eevee!" she said, then she ran off the stage and towards me. "Follow me!" she whispered, and then she lead me into a room, connected to a big palace. "Who are you?" she asked, "I'm Bella." I said, "Hmm, there is no Pokemon called Bella in the world!" she said. "Huh?" I asked, "Oh you must be the chosen one! I'm Dove, this world is made of the SpiritPerson of every trainer, and the SpiritPerson is named after the trainer's closest Pokemon. So you see Dove the shiny eevee is the Pokemon you are closest to, so I'm named after her because I'm your SpiritPerson!" she said exitedly. I nodded. "Now what?" I asked, "Well currently I have to knight the SpiritPerson of Brandon. And then we will figure out more." she said, then she went to knight Silver.
When Dove came back she handed me her card, "I can't figure out what we need to do now, but my code is on the card, I can transport you back here." she said while we hugged, and then I was teleported home.[​IMG]
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