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by GoldenPath

GoldenPath Chapter 1: "READY TO GO"
-This is our last night in Hoenn Luke...can you believe that? we gonna leave Slateport city when the sun rises, dad gonna leave his history, mom gonna leave her job and my sis gonna leave their friends... -...Oluu... (Luke hug Elena)
-Thank you Luke, but don't worry about me, you are my best friend while you're with me I never fell alone… but the good news is that we will see my brother again. Well, let's go to sleep. We gonna have a very hard day. Good night.
The next morning:
-Good morning, Luke ... Luke? Luke wake up! Mom said she would cook waffles with honey, your favorite (Luke woke up and ran to the kitchen). Haha okay... he forgot me.
(Elena took a quick shower, she dressed, and walked to the kitchen).
-Good morning, mom.
- Good morning, honey. Here are your waffles. Your Dad need that you and Luke go to buy some snacks and Pokémon food, for the travel and Hendrix will help you
- Okay mom, We'll go after breakfast.
Elena took his backpack, the Hendrix's Pokéball and went home with Luke. They were to get to the store when they encountered an unexpected person who was being attacked by a Salamence.
-Oh, my God! What I have to do?! .. Think think... I got it! Hendrix can help (Elena reached into his backpack but so many things I had not found within the Pokéball), I can't find the Pokeball! Nooo!, Damn!!, there's no other choice, Luke ... I know you can do it- Rioluu! (Luke's gaze turned serious but showed a slight smile).
-Use dig to sneak between Salamence and the man!! (Luke stepped between Salamence out of the ground)
-¡¿What the hell?! Who is that Pokémon?! (The mystery man shouted desperate).
-All right Luke! now uses shadow claw! (the Salamence blocked the attack with his tail) use low sweep Luke! (The Salamence received the attack and flew up).
-¡It gonna use dragon rush! Your Pokemon is lost (The mysterý man shouted scared)
- I don't think so… Luke use copycat! (Luke waited for Salamence will get closer to the surface, gave a high jump and used copycat who delivered a powerful Dragon rush).
-A critical hit! That Pokémon ... I've never seen it around here and that girl ... I'm sure I've seen her somewhere (The mysterious Salamence reacted and fled into the bushes where a strange guy as fast as a Pokémon climbed on his back and they escaped in a twinkling of an eye).
- Hendrix I choose ....(Elena took the Pokéball ).
-Stop! It is useless you can't reach them (the mystery man interrupted the launch of Hendrix).
-Uhh?, Mister! Are you OK? (Elena ran to the man).
-Thank you girl, you and your Pokémon are splendid, yet I have never seen a Pokémon like that around here.
- It's really not from around here, it's a Riolu, I called him Luke (Elena said, turning to where was the mysterious man).
- Glad to meet you, Luke, you're a very strong Pokémon. - Oluuu! (Luke smiled).
-... Wait a minute ... You're the Professor Birch! What are you doing in Slaport city?!.
- It is good to know that as young people recognize me haha, I'm looking for a wild Aron, nobody knows how it was that came up here alone, but that Salamence attacked me when I was investigating. Mmm ... your talent with the Pokémon is fantastic, that Riolu shows perfectly strength and happiness ... (Professor Birch pondered for a few minutes).
-¿Profesor Birch? Are you okay? (Elena asked).
-Oh, sorry ...
-Elena, my name is Elena and is a pleasure to meet you Professor.
-Elena! I want to ask something, Luke is your only Pokémon ?
-Uh? ah yeah, the other Pokemon is from my father
- Mmm just as I suspected, I would like you to accompany me to my camp which is just outside the city would not have problem ?
-With pleasure Professor Birch, c'mon Luke. (Elena carrying Luke).

Elena and Luke go to Professor's car, who during the tour made a few questions to her.
-So this is your hometown right ?
-Yep, I've been 15 years of my life living here with my parents and my sister, my brother went to live in another region...but ... today I move to this region, we'll go with my brother to start a new life.
-Really? Where?.
-Amm I not remember the name but it is pretty remote.
-That's a shame, it would have been something great that you became a Pokémon master, defeating the champion who is quite young guy, I forget his name, I think is ... Steven.
- Steven?, Pokémon Master?.
-Of course !.
-Umm I don't know, I don't like to fight all the time, as if only we knew to do that and I don't fight very well(Elena scratched her head).
-Are you kidding?, you make an excellent team with the Pokémon, that's why I want you to come to my camp.
-If you insist ... (Elena noted that his feet had a strange half open briefcase).
- Professor what this briefcase have? (she took the briefcase).
-Don't Open it! That is highly confidential! (Professor Birch shouted scared trying to take the briefcase from Elena but he releasing the steering wheel).
-¡Professor Birch!, the steering wheel !, A cliff! (Elena screamed scared).
-Oh, My God!.
-¡Luke! Hold on me! (Elena took his father's Pokéball) Hendrix help me to stop the car!.
-¡¿Hendrix?! (Hendrix emerged from his Pokéball and pushed the car to beat it's speed) A Druddigon! That Druddigon! I know him! (The Professor start to exalt).
Hendrix to gain momentum with their strong legs he jumped in front of the car and he used metal claw stop the car).
-Thank you Hendrix!, you did it! You saved us! (Elena jumped out of the car to hug Hendrix).
-I Can't believe it! Druddigon saved us! And you! You are Robert's daughter! That Druddigon belongs to him right?.
-Yes, wait a second, you know my dad?.
-Of course I do!, he was a great friend of mine when we were young. I still remember those times, but we took our own ways, I decided to become a Pokémon professor and he .. he becomes into a member of the elite four.
-Yeah ..I know that, but he decided to retire.
-You come from a very special family .., let me one second. (Professor Birch walked away from Elena, took his cell phone and dialed someone).
-Professor Everything all right?.
-Of course, one of my assistants will come in a few minutes, we will wait sitting on that rock.
-Sure professor (Elena said stroking Hendrix).
It took 25 minutes to the young assistant and Flygon arrive and he comes with a backpack between his arms.
-Elena, he's my assistant and brings something for you.
-For Me?.
-That's correct, girl, I bring to your new friend (he said the young assistant showing a Pokéball) this is yours, Elena. (Elena took the Pokéball).
-Our new partner ... Luke?, Hendrix? Are you ready to meet him?. - Druddigon! -Oluuu! - Well, here we go! Go my new friend!.