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by GoldenPath

GoldenPath Chapter 2: "GOODBYE HOENN"
Elena threw the Pokéball and from it came nothing more and nothing less than a little Mudkip.
-A Mudkip!, I can't believe it!, is beautiful! (Elena screamed hugging Mudkip).
-That Mudkip has a little time in my lab, he helped us a lot in some research and that it turned very special, it's also very smart and clever.
- Thanks Professor! We're gonna take a good care of him, right guys?.-
But before my assistant go home with you ... you and Mudkip will have a test.
-A Test ?.
- I will face you in a Pokémon battle with Mudkip (the young assistant pulled his coat and threw one Pokéball) Go Hariyama! , use double slap! (Mudkip leapt Elena's arms and blocked the attack with Tackle Hariyama lost some balance and gave two steps backward). -
-What I have to do now?, what attacks knows Mudkip?,
-Muuud! Mudkip! (Mudkip shouted trying to get the attention of Elena to give an order)
-Hariyama use double slap again! (Hariyama managed to hit 4 times the little Mudkip).
-Oh no! mmm think! ... Mudkip used mud slap in the eyes of Hariyama! (Hariyama lost visibility thanks to Elena strategy).
-Hariyama Arm thrust to your right! (Hariyama began using Arm trhust following the assistant orders).
-Mudkip move out! (Mudkip tried to evade all attacks, but started tired, Hariyama managed to remove the mud for his eyes).
-Hariyama Now! finish it with Focus blast! -Mudkip water gun with all your strength!
-Haariiyamaa! -Muudkip! (A small explosion accompanied by a large cloud of smoke covered by seconds the battlefield).
-Wow! that's a great retaliation of both Pokémon! ... what the hell?!, the Pokémon still standing! (the professor shouted surprised ) Stop right now! the Battle I finish here, both Pokémon are very strong, especially that little Mudkip.
-Thanks Professor (Elena carry Mudkip), apparently this little one likes to fight, like Hendrix and Luke, it is true! I have to name you, right guys? What do you think about mud ball? (Hendrix and Luke turned their heads from left to right), no?, mmm mud? (Both Pokémon turned their heads again) ... I know! I will call you Drake
-Mudkip!. -Yeah!, sounds like you, and what you think guys?
-Druddigon!, -Riolu !! (Both Pokémon smiled).
-Looks like Drake pleases them.
-I know, thank you very much Professor, but I have to go home, the flight leaves at 12 pm and it makes me a little late.
-Sure Elena, don't worry, my assistant and Flygon take you home, but before you go ... I want to give something very special, that will help you discover what you really want to be in life (Professor Birch went to the car).
-Especial?, For my professor? (Elena looked confused their Pokémon).
-Here, this is for you and your friends, this will open the door to their hearts and show the strength and purity of your friendship (Professor handed to her the briefcase was in his car) I'm sure you will more to you than me. -... Thank you very much Professor! (Elena hugged the professor).
-Well, we gotta go Elena, Flygon awaits us (the assistant said).
-True! (Elena took from his bag two Pokéballs), Hendrix, Drake come back (went up to the back of Flygon and grabbed the assistant), See you soon professor!!.
-... Goodbye Elena ...and good trip ...
The assistant left Elena outside the small shopping center, he placed the professor's gift in a bag of fine cloth, gave it to Elena and he left them.Elena and Luke rushed to buy what their father asked them to bring and left the shopping early. Leaving the mall Elena hit a slightly larger big Pokémon apparently than Hendrix.
-Oluu! (Luke ran to help her). -I'm fine, Luke (Elena got up immediately).
-Are you okay? (a mysterious guy asked). -
Yes, I'm fine, thank you ... Huh? Is that a charizard?!, Luke it's a Charizard!, wow! I had never seen one in person, it's amazing.
-Humm, thanks (the guy said looking at Luke). -
My bag! (Elena started looking at all sides of your backpack until the saw on the ground) there is! uff!, I thought I had lost it, well I have to go, it was good to see your charizard.
-Sure, thanks. (When Elena ran, the small bag began to shine without her noticing, the boy saw the object shine and was surprised, but Elena in the blink of an eye got on the bus).
-Hey girl!, Wait !, Come back!, charizard!, we have to follow her! ... I know she had one ...
The guy climbed into the back of his Charizard and followed the bus which Elena was, Elena left off the bus to walk the little way left to get home, but the boy intercepted her.
-Heeeey! You scared me! (Elena shouted angry).
-You !, I challenge you to a Pokémon battle.
-What ?! you are crazy!, I have to go home, it's getting late (Elena, annoyed, shook the boy and kept going).
-Wait (the guy grabbed Elena's arm and pulled her toward him) I'm not leaving until you grant me that battle.
-Well have to stay for years waiting, today I leave Hoenn.
-You Leave?.
-Yes, forever, so move (Elena pushed the boy).
-Hey! you don't go from here you have to battlewith us.
-Ohh damn you!, okay, we have a battle. -Perfect, (the boy smiled showing up himself) bring your strongest Pokémon, go Charizard.
-Well .. Luke, I'm very nervous, this guy seems to be very strong, I'm sorry but that Charizard has a huge advantage against you, so sit there and wait for me (Elena kissed the forehead of Luke), well ... my turn, Hendrix ... Go!. -Druuudiggon! (Hendrix came from the Pokéball). -Druddigon Too?!, this will be perfect (the guy whispered) well, girl! to what we go, evolve your Druddigon!! (he screamed).
That I what ?! Druddigon evolve?!.
-Charizard Mega evolve! (The guy pressed a foreign object from his bracelet). Charizard began to change shape as he released a great roar, becoming a black Charizard with huge blue wings, the ends of his mouth came a blue flames, his stomach turned blue, came out a kind of horns on his shoulders and neck from the back. -Ahhhh! what happened to that Charizard!, he changed! (Elena screamed too scared).
-Evolve your Druddigon!, what are you waiting for?!.
- Is that I ... I .. (Elena was so scared I could not speak).
-You want to wait ?, well! dragon claw! (Charizard attacked Hendrix with such impressive force that weakened it in one fell swoop).
-Hendrix! no!. (Elena ran with Hendrix).
-Huh? that was it?.
-You wanted more?, that's enough, Hendrix come back (Elena return Hendrix to his Pokéball).
-Why you didn't evolve your Druddigon? (The guy asked annoying).
-Hendrix doesn't evolve ..
-What?...let me see your bag (the guy came very close to Elena).
-No!, leave my backpack!. -Ooluu! (Luke, angry, stood between Elena and the guy).
- Sorry, I just want to see you special Pokémon and defeat it...
-My special Pokemon?.
-Exactly ... come, we'll take you home, Charizard.
-Thanks, but my house is one block from here, thanks Charizard. (Elena took Luke and slowly left).
-That girl ... had a mega stone ... but ... for what Pokémon? (The guy saw that Elena is not yet completely leaving and ran to her).
-Eh? what are you doing?.
- Where you gonna go?.
-I'm leaving to Unova.
-Unova huh?, then get ready because I gonna beat your special Pokémon, amm ...
- Alain, nice to meet you... I'll see you soon.
-I will waiting for you, more strong, I want that you meet my friends before leave this place and when we meet again (Elena brought Drake and Hendrix from their Pokeballs) all them are my friends... well, we have to go, good bye Alain (Elena left the place and go home).
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