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The Mysterious Pokemon Part2

by ThatPerson23

ThatPerson23 Read this for a cool story but read Part1 on my page and follow me for more :)
2 Months Later...

Ok Sneasel now that we have got some training in I have realized that alone we can't catch that Mysterious pokemon. We are going to have to catch some more pokemon. Officer Jenny gave me 10 pokeballs, so I think I should start catching some pokemon now!(Zach and Sneasel are walking) Ok Sneasel, look out for any pokemon at all! Sne Sne. Sneasel look over there! What is it?
Piplup the water type pokemon. Ok Sneasel lets catch it. Zach realized that time is frozen again! Ok... I know your out there so reveal yourself and lets have a pokemon battle. Hehehe Puny trainer, you shall never see me nor beat me.
(Time Unfreezes and voice goes away) Hmmmm.... Oh the Piplup! Its walking away! Sneasel attack it. (Piplup disappears in thin air) HUH?.. To Be continued
  1. XY-Gold
    Awsome!!!You should read mine. The FnaF phone call
    Dec 20, 2014