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Luca: The Move

by TheStargazer

TheStargazer Luca and his family are moving to Alola and soon, He will start his journey.
Hello to the people that are bothering to read this. This is a story about a boy called Luca who goes on a journey in Alola. I'm now using this character in MapleEevee's Hoenn Trainer Academy

Character Profile:
Name: Luca
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: Fair Skin. Short Black hair. Grey eyes. A Grey hoodie with a Brown Backpack. Denim Jeans.
Pokemon on hand: None

"Wake up now!!! we're about to land!" Luca heard before he awoke from his slumber. He sat up to find his brother Lewis sitting next to him. Luca smiled as he watched the islands from the plane. Luca couldn't wait to land.

They landed at the Hau'oli Airport. Luca was excited to explore Alola. He was just as excited to start a journey in Hoenn where he was born and raised but Luca knew here would be amazing as well. "Isn't this exciting?" Lewis said to his little brother. Luca nodded in delight. Luca knew him and his brother would be rivals, but Lewis has already started a journey. He had started a journey in Hoenn but he decided to Travel here for some change.

Luca's parents hired some Mudsdale to take them to their home which was at the Hau'oli Outskirts on Route 1. Luca was about to go inside when Lewis tapped him on the back.
"I know you've wanted a pokemon for so long and my pokemon happened to have an egg when I took them to the daycare for a while and I've had it for a while so I was hoping to give it to you, do you want the egg?" Lewis asked his brother but he immediately knew it was a yes because Luca's eyes widened so far.
"Thankyou so much!!!" Luca said to his brother Lewis. Luca knew it would most likely be a starter because he knew his brother's starter was a female but he didn't know his brother's other Pokemon. The rest of the day was spent unpacking.
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