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The Mirrors: The Mirrors: Evening (p8)

by RenzFlintrock

Rolen was helped to his feet by the man who had been driving the cart. It was the farmer who sold Water Carrots.

“You alright, young man? I’m so sorry, I didn’t see y’all in tahm.”

“Yes, sir. I’m alright. Can I buy some Water Carrots, please?”

“I’ll let ya have em, half price. Ah am right sorry, son.”

The old farmer pulled at his white beard and adjusted his straw hat as he spoke. He turned around and picked out the ripest ones and handed them to Rolen. The young squire pulled out the nessescary money and paid the farmer. The old man looked at him and grinned.

“Remember, son. It always pays to do the right thing. Always, I tell ye.”

With this the farmer climbed back on his cart and drove off to set up his stand. Rolen crossed the road, retrieved his basket and walked back towards the inn that had been designated as their meeting place.


Rolen found the old knight and the squire sitting at a table in the Vomiting Dragon. They were playing with a stack of wooden slabs, which were inscribed with runes and pictures. Sir Jethro put one of his slabs on top of one of Dunderhead’s.

“I win.”

He smiled as Dunderhead began grumbling. He then turned to Rolen.


Rolen sat, and the knight took the basket and began reviewing the quality of Rolen’s purchases. He seemed satisfied, and smiled as he raised his flagon to his lips and drank. Rolen was thirsty, since he had been walking through the dusty Market.

It was about then that Rolen saw the parcel. It was leaning against Sir Jethro’s chair, and it was a little longer than his arm and as wide as his calf. The knight noticed the direction of his gaze, and chuckled as he lifted the parcel into his lap.

Neither mentioned it, however, and it was soon forgotten. As they prepared to leave, the door swung open, and Leed walked in. Rolen waved, and the bard waved back before walking over to the owner of the inn. Rolen wanted to stay, but they had to leave soon if they wanted to get back before dark.


They arrived at the castle just as it got dark enough that they couldn’t see their horse’s ears. Rolen could have fallen asleep right away, but he had to help put away the purchases and take care of the horses. He fed the horses and gave them a quick rub before going inside to help with putting the food into the cellar. He entered just in time to see Sir Jethro walking up the stairs with that parcel under his arm...


Rolen, having finished putting the things into the cellar, quickly fell asleep.
  1. RenzFlintrock
    I’m working on that... possibly in a library?
    Jun 28, 2019
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  2. ThePlayfulFox
    Still love the story so far! When will my character return?
    Jun 28, 2019
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  3. RenzFlintrock
    Jun 28, 2019