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The Mirrors: The Mirrors: Betrayal (p2)

by RenzFlintrock

There was a lull in the conversation, and Mira decided to have some wine. As she raised her goblet to drink, her eye swept over the nobles, landing on Baron Bloomstead. He was staring at her, but quickly looked away when he noticed her looking at him. Mira’s suspicions were aroused. After a few moments, she excused herself from the table, complaining of a headache. She hurried in the direction of her chambers.

She reached up to the crown on top of her head. This crown was magical, and had many properties. The Royal Crown. Created long ago by a skilled wizard, the Crown encreased the magic powers of the wearer, among many of its other powers. And... all those who swore allegiance were bound by the magic of the Crown to serve the wearer and to be loyal to them, unless dismissed by the wearer.

As she reached the entrance to her chambers, she stretched out her hand and muttered a word. Strange runes glowed from the doors, and they swung open. She entered and closed the door behind her. The room was filled with many strange things. Across the room from the door was her bed. To the right was a bookshelf filled with books of history and arcane knowledge. To the left, a mirror which glowed with strange white energy. In another corner was a birdcage with a pair of Canary-like birds. There were other ornaments as well, and also a wardrobe. To this she went and pulled a key from a bunch of necklaces hung nearby.

She unlocked the door and was about to place the Crown inside, when the door swung open. There stood the Baron. He laughed as he advanced towards the brave Queen, who was standing in front of the wardrobe. With a sudden movement he snatched at the Crown, but Queen Mira dodged out of the way. She picked up a crystal globe and threw it at him, imbuing it with energy as she did so. It hit him, giving him an ugly gash on the face that stung as Magic energy ate at him. With a snarl of rage he rushed at her. She tried to dodge again but was not quick enough. And Alas! When she dodged the first time, she had put herself in front of the mirror, a portal to another dimension. Bloomstead snatched the Crown, at the same time pushing her into the mirror. She screamed as the portal drew her in. As she began disappearing, the Baron set the crown on his head. Summoning energy, he sent a bolt towards the mirror, which shattered.

Long ago, the Shards were dispersed. A dark power rules the land, and the only way to bring back the light to the land is to find the four mirror shards and return them to the mirror. Only then will the rightful ruler return.
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