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The Mirrors: The Mirrors: A lesson in Strength (p5)

by RenzFlintrock

Sir Jethro stood and walked over to his Squire and the Bard.

“It is time you got on with your Exercises, Rolen.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Leed handed the juggling balls to Sir Jethro, and then turned to Rolen.

“Now, what is your next exercise?”

Rolen responded promptly as he began running. “I have to finish my laps. Then Sword Drills.” Rolen ran the rest of his laps. He sat down to rest for a moment, and looked up to see Leed standing, holding a heavy wooden sword, specially carved to simulate the weight and balance of a real sword. He had another, which he handed to Rolen.

“Here. We will practice together, and then we will have a mock duel. I will acquaint myself with this sword whilst you catch your breath.”


The sword drills were precise and sometimes complex. First, they performed basic maneuvers, and after those they moved onto a sparring drill. In the sparring drill they reviewed patterns of attack, which each had a number, and a defense against the attack. Sir Jethro called out a number, and then one would attack while the other defended.

They stopped for a rest. Sir Jethro was pleased with how well the training had gone so far. Rolen was happy but tired. Leed... was inscrutable. The break being over, the two younger men took their places for the duel, with the old knight acting as judge.

Leed began the fight with an overhead attack designed to hit a shoulder. Rolen managed to block Leed’s sword and then push it to the side. He aimed a thrust at Leed’s chest, but the nimble Bard leapt back and avoided the blow. Next came a swift flurry of blows from both sides, a few attacks grazing knuckles, but no actual hit for either side. Rolen made a powerful side-sweep with both hands. Leed managed to bring his sword up to counter the blow, and both strained to push the other’s blade away. They were at a standstill for about ten seconds before Leed quickly disengaged, sending Rolen off-balance. The squire fell to the ground, and Leed tapped him lightly on the back with his sword.

“Strength is not all in muscle. You have much to learn, young squire. An excellent match, though. You put up a good fight.”