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The Minun Chronicles: The Minun Chronicles, Chapter 1

by _Snowstorm_

_Snowstorm_ A Mysterious Disappearance
It was a beautiful day outside, the birds were singing, the flowers were blooming, days like these, ki-uh, wrong introduction, sorry. Jack the Minun was an unusually happy Pokémon, who always tried to look on the bright side of things. Well, except for today.
Jack was worriedly looking through the woods for his sister, Lindsey, who was a Plusle. Jack usually met her early in the morning at a special meadow and they talked about what had happened to each other the previous day. But for the past four days, Lindsey had never shown up. Jack was getting very worried about his sister and hoped that the worst had not happened-she had been kidnapped-he tended to get a little over dramatic during those times when he was upset.
Jack was tiny, being a Minun, and couldn't really do much against large forces, so if Lindsey HAD been kidnapped by some scrafty jerk (Crafty, Scrafty? See what I did there hehehe...I need help), then there wasn't much Jack could even do about the predicament. Jack was searching the whole woods where he and his sister lived, but he could not find her anywhere. The woods was extensive and spread miles around, so it could take weeks, or even months to find Lindsey. What was he going to do? Jack was giving up until he heard a very loud thumping sound repetitively coming from somewhere nearby. Was this his sister, or her kidnapper?

Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball-Z (Seriously, these jokes are all that keep me going XD).